YouTube Space Paris Is To Be Latest International Creator Hub

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Good news for all creators who are traveling abroad in the City of Love and decide they just HAVE to make a professional studio vid! It’s even better news for the YouTube creators who are already based in Paris.

Yeah, if you didn’t read the title up there, YouTube is opening up a Space in France — where the naked ladies dance. Reports of “a hole in the wall where you can see it all” are, at this time, unconfirmed.

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As YouTube’s push to accommodate viewers outside of the U.S. grows, so too does its interest in making sure the creators in far-flung places have access to the proper equipment for making the best videos they can. Creators like Cyprien and Rémi Gaillard, both Franch-based YouTubers, will benefit from the Space, said to be opening in a matter of weeks. Cyprien, who has approximately 7.7 million followers allegedly hinted about the incoming space in one of his recent videos, saying he would be moving video production from his home and into a new studio.

YouTube Space Paris will allegedly be opening near the Gare Saint-Lazare, roughly the same space that is currently occupied by Google France, the frog arm (or would that be leg?) of YouTube’s parent company. Dailymotion, the French-started video competitor to YouTube, opened a studio in Paris in 2013, but YouTube’s popularity will probably be the decider between who goes where for online filming in Paris now.   

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