YouTubers & Travel: How Joey Graceffa & Other Stars Get To Live The Sweet Life

In the old days, when NMR first started out, if YouTubers wanted to go on a trip, they were usually paying for it themselves and most of them were traveling on the cheap. My how things have changed. Now big magazines, like Conde Nast’s Traveler sponsor YouTubers like Joey Graceffa and Kandee Johnson to go on trips as a publicity means for the publication. The publication gets to run their ads attached to videos like these, and in exchange, Graceffa and Johnson get to have amazing adventures.

Increasingly, we’ve seen it from other companies too — recently we covered how several major YouTube stars like Prank vs. Prank and Louie Cole got to go out and explore Asia courtesy of travel company Contiki. of course, the downside to these sorts of promotions is that you typically have to go to regions covered by either the company’s capabilities — or its needs.

If you want to go to Australia and the cruise ship company sponsoring you doesn’t head that direction, you’re typically SOL. But of course, there’s always something to be said for offering your services to companies that do go Down Under. Who’s to say you can’t be the one offering up the promotions?

Part of being a great YouTuber is knowing when to sell yourself.


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