7 Comic Book Characters Emma Stone Should Play

Two are roles so good she should bump the actresses already cast.

On Monday the world was introduced to Spider-Gwen, the mash up of Emma Stone as a hero, fighting crime. We got to see the Spider-Man story as though it happened to Gwen Stacy, (apparently after her death in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Oh sorry, spoilers from 2014 and/or 1973). Gwen is bitten by a spider and webs her way around New York in a white and pink hoodie.

But this begs the question of who Emma Stone should actually play should she return to the world of comics. Gwen Stacy is as dead as the Amazing Spider-Man film franchise, but we haven’t had enough of Emma Stone. And especially after seeing Spider-Gwen, we want her as a lot more than set dressing this time.

Here are our top seven choices:

7. Batgirl / Oracle (Barbara Gordon)


We’ve seen Batgirl on the big screen before, played by Alicia Silverstone in 1997’s Batman & Robin AKA the Worst Batman Movie Ever.


That statement alone could be an argument for why we need to see another Batgirl, but if you want a second reason, Alicia Silverstone’s character isn’t even Barbara Gordon. She is Alfred’s niece or something. What’s up with that?

Emma Stone would bring charm and charisma to a role that plays like a joyful second lead in a Batman movie or could easily anchor a standalone movie. Commissioner Gordon hasn’t been cast in the new DC Cinematic Universe, and there being rumors Gordon was murdered by Jared Leto’s Joker. If Gordon is dead in the main timeline, an adaptation of The Killing Joke arc by Alan Moore set years before Batman v. Superman could be perfect for a Batgirl-centric movie. (Yes, we know Gordon survives in the comics, but only just barely. Easily changed.) Maybe Gary Oldman could even reprise his role from The Dark Knight trilogy. (Tom Hardy has decided he is Bane and wants to return to the DC Cinematic Universe. Why not Oldman, too.)

Since it’s a prequel story to the main DC Cinematic Universe timeline, it could also set up Batgirl becoming Oracle for later in-continuity films. Plus, a tragic story like being shot in the spine and losing her father in the process sounds like the saddest thing ever, and Emma Stone could play it amazingly. First superhero Oscar win since Heath Ledger?

6. Poison Ivy

poison ivy batman tas

We’ve seen Poison Ivy on the screen before, again in the Worst Batman Movie Ever. Uma Thurman is by no means a bad actress, but no one gave a good performance in Batman & Robin, and let us not forget, Uma did a sexy dance in a gorilla suit.

Zack Snyder is keeping the Christopher Nolan dark gritty tone for Batman, but he isn’t keeping the no magic part of The Dark Knight trilogy, so Poison Ivy could wander into the DC Cinematic Universe at any point. (She even takes hypnotic control of Superman and Catwoman in Batman: Hush.) We’d love to see Emma playing a wonderfully fiendish femme fatale alongside Ben Affleck, wrapping him around her little finger with ease.

5. Black Cat (Felicia Hardy)


The Spider-Man universe is going to be rebooted yet again, so Emma could conceivably return to it as a different character. Her performance as Gwen Stacy was great, and she and Andrew Garfield brought some much needed chemistry on-screen from their off screen relationship. Tobey McGuire and Kirsten Dunst barely seemed to like each other, let alone be in love, approaching Harry/Ginny levels of unintentional awkwardness.

Emma is much older than Tom Holland, so Felicia and Peter probably wouldn’t have their comic book relationship, but Emma as Black Cat would have the added benefit of Emma stepping into the action in a meaningful way without trapping her in a damsel in distress scenario. Plus Black Cat is badass.

4. The Invisible Woman (Susan Storm)


We’ve seen two different versions of the Fantastic Four in recent years, and that means two different versions of Sue Storm. It isn’t that Kate Mara or Jessica Alba did a bad job, exactly, but their performances did not stand out in what were…disappointing…movies.

The latest one flopped pretty hard, and although Fantastic Four 2 is still supposedly coming in 2017, I’m guessing we’ll have another reboot soon which could (pleaseohgodplease!) be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Emma Stone could breathe new life into the character and remind audiences how cool Sue Storm is.

3. Starfire


Emma Stone is almost twenty seven, but I think everyone would be willing to forget about that if the DC Cinematic Universe had a Teen Titans movie. Teen Titans is far more lighthearted than Man of Steel,  but if the Teen Titans could do their own thing like Guardians of the Galaxy in the MCU it could work really well as a stand-alone film inside a larger universe.

Starfire is an alien from the planet Tamaran and was one of the co-founders of the Teen Titans. The five Titans interactions need to be right for the film to work, and Emma could bring that happy wonder, and incredible power, to the role. Imagine her interacting with her polar opposite, Raven, and her will-they-won’t-they relationship with Robin.

2. Zatanna


Zatanna is a real magician who wanders through the DC world, even becoming a member of the Justice League. She performs on stage, but uses real magic to dazzle her audience. Playing Zatanna would allow Emma to craft a stage persona and an offstage presence for the same person, as well as give Emma the use of magic which, let’s face it, she already has.

Zatanna is also intricately involved with the DC Universe. Bruce Wayne trained with her father before becoming Batman. She is one of the few characters that appears in the DC Universe and DC’s Vertigo line (which is oriented toward adults), and she showed up on Batman: The Animated Series. Plus which, Emma could join the Justice League in the DCCU and I think we all want to see her there.

7. Jean Grey


Let’s face it, Bryan Singer took a movie off and X-Men: The Last Stand destroyed the Phoenix Saga. So much so that when Singer returned to the universe he chose to make a movie that completely erased Last Stand from the X-Men timeline. Famke Jannsen didn’t do a bad job as Jean, but we need a redo on the Dark Phoenix. Sophie Turner (Game of Thrones) will portray the character in X-Men: Apocalypse but they most likely won’t get into the Phoenix saga at all.

Emma Stone has proven that she can play both sweet and innocent and dark and brooding. For Jean Grey and her transformation, both are needed. The plot line is so iconic that we need someone who can deliver incredible depths of emotion without words, and Emma can do that. With Emma, we get more than Jean standing there staring angrily until things explode like Robert the Tire in Rubber. (That’s a real movie, it’s on Netflix, go watch it and see if you don’t imagine Famke Jannsen in Last Stand as the tire).

Emma Stone and Franchises

However, we have to remember Emma Stone turned down Ghostbusters because she didn’t want to do another franchise. So she may not want to do another comic book movie now that The Amazing Spider-Man is over, (without telling us anything about Peter’s parents. Damn you and your slow reveal!). But with so many rich roles that Emma could play maybe she will change her mind and return to the world of capes and costumes, and with luck actually don one this time.