ANOTHER NEW Jessica Jones Teaser Trailer – “All in a Day’s Work”

Yes, another new one!

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Hey, do you think Netflix wants you to know that Jessica Jones is coming?

Marvel and Netflix released a FOURTH new Jessica Jones teaser trailer today (fifth if you count the first one, which was actually a trailer instead of a little scene from the show) and the second this week.

“All in a Day’s Work” is definitely the creepiest of these scenes yet, and maybe the most revealing. So far every teaser has kept Jessica at a distance – obscuring her face, showing only the mundane parts of her day (hey, sometimes beating up an entire bar is mundane for Jessica Jones).

But this one pulls us right into the heart of the action. It’s an intensely personal trailer that underscores yet again how unsettling the series is likely to be.

For starters, this new teaser trailer has dialogue rather than just music and ambient sounds. Or maybe more accurately, a monologue.

Were you with us when we first talked about the Purple Man? If not, take a minute and watch this:

Ok, so the Purple Man, a.k.a. Killgrave? The guy who abused Jessica when she was younger? That’s him speaking in this new Jessica Jones trailer. First off you can hear him tauntingly calling, “Jessica,” just like he did in the very first trailer. “I know your secrets,” he says. “I know about your friends. About your gifts. Jessica Jones. I. Know. Everything.” At which point a purplish light tinges the edge of Jessica’s hair and, suitably unnerved, she flees her own Alias Investigations office.

So what does all that mean?

That’s still a bit of a mystery. Jessica’s “secrets” could be a few different things. The picture Jessica puts up on her wall when the Purple Man starts talking about them hints at her penchant for promiscuity, but certainly Jessica, as an ex-superhero and current private eye, has plenty of secrets both personal and professional. The “friends” taunt comes with an even more obtuse picture of a car, but at least within the show, Jessica’s friends are a little easier to identify.

The person we need to worry most about is probably Trish Walker, Jessica’s best friend.


At least in the comics, the Purple Man has a nasty habit of mind controlling young women for his sexual pleasure. Saying, “I know about your friends,” sounds an awful lot like a threat. BUT he could just as easily be telling Jessica he knows all about her superpowers, which is clear from the “your gifts” line. The friend he references could be Luke Cage.

We’d spoken a little when previous teasers were released (particularly the first two) that it seemed like the Jessica Jones show would still have plenty of the MCU’s trademark humor. That may be the case, but this trailer proves it’s cutting its own path as well, one where the psychological terrors manifest in some very real ways.

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