Back to the Future II Spoof – How It Should Have…Started?

That seems backwards. But not backwards to the future. Just backwards.

back to the future ii spoof

How It Should Have Ended is one of our very favorite film-related YouTube channels. The Hero Cafe and Villain pub are great; the HISHE shorts and features are hilarious; and we will forever be indebted to the folks who gave us Batman singing Taylor Swift covers.

But even though each episode is a little different, there’s a comforting formula to HISHE’s flagship (and eponymous) series lambasting the bad decisions characters made en route to their films’ endings.

A formula that’s completely undermined in their latest episode: “How Back to the Future II Should Have STARTED.” What? Are they even allowed to do that?

Ok, so after watching the episode, we can safely say it proved to be a good decision. HISHE gets their giggles in this one by picking on the central conceit of the entire Back to the Future franchise: time travel.

In this Back to the Future II spoof, Marty and Jennifer are about to run off into the future with Doc Brown when Marty realizes that if he and Jennifer go to the future, there’ll be no one left in the present to have the future kids who need saving. Doc agrees and boots them out of the car, but before he can go Marty just has to ask:

“Is the future awesome?”

And so begins a fantastic stream of references, because the future is awesome, says Doc Brown, but in telling them about it he’s already changing the movie’s future…INTO OUR OWN!

No more hoverboards, cancelled sequels to Jaws, global warming. Dammit, Marty. You should have just got in the car. “The Cubs might have a chance, though.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time Doc Brown has shown up in a HISHE episode about time travel. He’s made some pretty impactful cameos in episodes on both Terminator (from all the way back in 2009!) and Looper (2012).

All in all, we’ll call this latest HISHE parody and departure from the normal M.O. a rousing success.