Epic Meal Time Goes Hog Wild For Five Year Anniversary

Epic Meal Time creates its most ambitious recipe yet with the Porksagna.

Since its debut in 2010, Canadian import Epic Meal Time has been cooking up heart-attack inducing recipes involving copious amounts of pork products, scantily clad ladies straight out of an 80’s hair band video, and lots and lots of alcohol.

The host and co-creator of the show, “Sauce Boss” Harley Morenstein and his crew have, to date, created over 420 original, calorie soaked recipes, and for their five year anniversary they’ve really gone for broke: the Porksagna — a bacon cheeseburger pizza pocket lasagna in a smoked pig sauced with a Cristal butter glaze — which comes in at a whopping 84,479 calories and 2,357 grams of fat! Is there a doctor (and maybe a napkin!) in the house?

Maybe that’s why the episode is (jokingly) called “The Last Episode of Epic Meal Time.”