Five Fantastic Halo 5 Easter Eggs

Secrets, jokes and hidden extras you might not have spotted in the latest Halo adventure

Halo 5 Easter Eggs

Halo games are known for containing more than a few secrets, mysteries and inside jokes. From very well hidden guns and creepy monkey men, to secret references to Destiny, Bungie has always done its best to give gamers a lot of secrets to sniff out.

While Halo 5 was developed by a new studio, 343 Industries, the latest game in Microsoft’s most popular franchise is likely to contain just as many if not more funky Easter Eggs as previous games.

The studio has gone on record saying that there are plenty of Easter Eggs to be found in the game, and that many have a relation to the number 343. It’s not entirely known what’s meant by this yet, but gamers are excited to explore and uncover the mysteries for themselves.

Of course, finding every single hidden secret can be a bit tricky, so it’ll probably take a while for us to find everything Halo 5 has to offer. That said, even though the game’s only just been released, eager gamers have already begun unearthing more than a few little gems.

So, without further ado, here are five of the most enjoyable Halo 5 Easter Eggs that gamers have discovered so far:

Vending Machine Guns

Sometimes all we want from life is a few more guns. Luckily, Mission Three of Halo 5 has us covered – in a vending machine labelled ‘Blu Soda’, gamers can find a hidden cache of three weapons if they press the vendor’s button enough times.

The machine will also play a cheering sound effect as the guns are dropped out, and the player will get hold of a few fun weapons they wouldn’t ordinarily have in this level.


Hidden Soccer Ball

Halo 5 Easter Egg Soccer Ball

Mission Four (Meridion Station) is a no-weapons mission that’s all about story. Get distracted from the dialogue long enough to discover another vending machine, however, and you’ll find another fun Easter Egg.

Activating the vendor enough times makes a large soccer ball appear. As players can’t shoot the ball, it can only be moved around by bumping into it.

Elsewhere in the level are some traffic cones set up to look like a pair of goals – players can push the ball between these cones to hear another cheer. Two players could even play a game of soccer here, if they’d prefer that to actually just playing Halo.


Secret Banshee Swarm

In Mission Two, players have the opportunity to shoot at a small random skull on the side of an observation platform. Shooting at a light elsewhere in the level causes a swarm of Banshees to fly up out of an opening.

These Banshees can’t be interacted with, but it’s a fun little thing to trigger, just for the heck of it.

It’s entirely possible that there are more of these hidden around in various other levels, waiting for players to discover them.


Grunt Monologue

Bungie has had a lot of fun giving Grunts special dialogue in their Halo games, and it seems that 343 Industries plans to continue this tradition.

On Mission Nine, The Alliance, a Grunt can be found dangling his legs off the side of a cliff as he talks about such things as what humans breathe and whether or not humans lay eggs. It’s a hilarious bit of dialogue, and there’s about ten minutes worth of it, so it’s well worth listening to.


Singing Grunt

If one funny Grunt wasn’t enough for you, have a look down a side path on Mission Seven. There you’ll find a little Grunt, again dangling off the edge of a cliff, singing to a skull. This is probably the funniest Easter Egg that gamers have discovered so far.

You can boot the poor little guy off the cliff and steal his skull if you want to. But that would make you a monster.


A horrible, unfeeling monster.

Bonus Secret: Space Grunt

One other fun little surprise you might spot is right on the start menu of the game. It’s not an Easter Egg in the traditional sense as anyone who pauses to look at the pretty screen will spot it, but it’s still worth waiting for.

Spend long enough on the start screen, and you’ll see a little Grunt tumbling through space, which is probably a bit unfortunate for the little guy, but it’s fun to see nonetheless.


The Sky’s The Limit

There are no doubt plenty more Halo 5 Easter Eggs for fans to find as they explore these games, which will appear over the next few weeks and months. There’s a history of secret elements in Halo games staying hidden for years, so there’s no rush to discover them all.

That said, as you’re playing Halo 5, be sure to watch out for anything that looks unusual, and feel free to explore every nook and cranny – you never know when you might stumble upon something that nobody’s found before!

If you’ve found something interesting tucked away within Halo 5, let us know in the comments below!

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