Game of Thrones Flashbacks – 6 Blasts from the Past Coming in Season 6

We really want to see all of these, hopefully the show will come through.

Game of Thrones Flashback Khal-Drogo

Jason Mamoa was spotted on set! Fans may remember he played Daenerys’s husband, Khal Drogo, way back in Season 1 of Game of Thrones. What could his return to the show mean? Well probably it will be some sort of flashback.

Game of Thrones is doing flashbacks now! Season 5 started off with one of Cersei visiting a fortune teller, Maggie the Frog. We’ve also seen some visions on the show. Bran has them when he touches the weirwood trees, and Dany had some visions when she entered the House of the Undying, where she saw her dearly departed husband.

But what else might we see in Season 6? Any flashback is on the table, so let’s dream away…

Robert’s Rebellion

Game of Thrones flashback Roberts-Rebellion-1

I mean it’s cool, but it sure seems like antlers on your helmet would get in the way a lot.

There have been a lot of teases about R+L=J. Ser Barristan talked about Rhaegar Targareon, Dany’s brother, with her before Barristan’s death at the hands of the Sons of the Harpy, and Petyr talked with Sansa about Lyanna Stark in front of her tomb in Winterfell in the same episode. So the chances that next year Jon Snow’s parentage is finally revealed are high.

But to fully explain why R+L=J matters, the show would really to tell us about Robert’s Rebellion, meaning we would need a lot more flashbacks than just the one at the Tower of Joy.

Game of Thrones Flashback King-Robert-Baratheon-9

This didn’t happen peacefully, and how Robert took the throne might actually be really important to why Jon Snow doesn’t know who his mom is.

Robert’s Rebellion took place about 17 years before the beginning of the series. We hear a lot about it because the result of Robert’s Rebellion sent Dany and her brother (you remember this jackass from season 1, right?) into exile and made Robert the king. Before the rebellion began, the Mad King Aerys Targaryen (Dany’s father) was King on the Iron Throne.

During a tournament, Rhaegar Targaryen, Dany’s brother, crowned Lyanna Stark queen of love and beauty over Rhaegar’s own wife. Soon afterwards he apparently kidnapped Lyanna and took her to the Tower of Joy. Robert was engaged to Lyanna and he went to war over her. Ned eventually got to the Tower of Joy and found Lyanna dying in a bed of blood where she asked him to make her a promise, but we don’t know yet what that promise was.

Soon after at the Battle of the Trident, Robert and Rhaegar fought, and Robert killed Rhaegar, smashing him with his war hammer.

The R+L=J fan theory contends that Lyanna wasn’t kidnapped, but came willingly, married Rhaegar, and became pregnant with his son, Jon. Lyanna then asked Ned to pretend Jon was his his own child to save him from Robert, who was wiping out the Targeryens to solidify his own claim to the Iron Throne.

So if R+L=J is true, and it is looking more and more likely that it is, then we really need to see all of this. Imagine a full episode flashback of Robert’s Rebellion, maybe even the Sack of King’s Landing.

Will it happen? Probably not, but we can dream. Fans have been clamoring for this for awhile. But there is a very real chance that we’ll finally get to see some of those events, or at the very least the Tower of Joy.

Cersei’s Flashback Continued

Game of Thrones Flashback cersei

Last year we got roughly the first half of what should have been the Cersei flashback. We now understand why she acts so crazy towards Margery: she sees her as the younger more beautiful queen who will usurp her, according to Maggie the Frog’s prophecy. But the prophecy in the book explains a lot more about Cersei’s character.

In the books, Maggie goes on to tell Cersei that she will be strangled to death by her younger brother, which she interprets to mean that Tyrion will kill her. This is why she hates Tyrion so much (on top of blaming him for Joffrey’s death). But Cersei is the older twin, so the prophecy could just as easily refer to Jamie killing her with his golden hand.

The flashback could also be used to foreshadow Cersei falling deeper into madness. At the end of the flashback it is implied Cersei kills her friend who is with her, which would certainly underscore her paranoia from an early age. We got a few hints of her madness in the books, like when she burns down the Tower of the Hand after Tywin’s death. So if Cersei is going to completely lose it, this would be some important foreshadowing to work into the main plot.

The Greyjoy Rebellion

game of thrones flashback balon greyjoy

You may have forgotten about the Greyjoys because the show basically did (Reek/Theon excepted), but a few years after Robert’s Rebellion, Balon Greyjoy led a rebellion from the Iron Islands. His two oldest sons were killed during this rebellion and Ned took Theon as his ward back to Winterfell. We already heard about this in the first two seasons, but with the Greyjoys returning for Season 6 we could get a flashback that reminds us about it or expands on what we knew. It could also introduce Euron Greyjoy, who we will definitely be meeting next year (played by Pilou Asbaek).

Littlefinger’s Battle

game of thrones flashback petyr baelish

Petyr Baelish fought Ned’s older brother, Brandon, over Catelyn Tully’s hand. He lost the battle and Brandon gave him an extensive chest wound instead of killing him. Cat ended up marrying Ned and died at the Red Wedding, but this event shaped Petyr’s whole character. It explains his creepiness toward Sansa, his devotion to Cat, and why he decided to work in the shadows rather than using brute strength.

However, we already heard this story. Littlefinger told Ros about it a few seasons ago. But this flashback might happen for one of two reasons. One: if Lady Stoneheart (a reanimated Catelyn Stark)is to make an appearance going forward it could remind audiences of who she is since she died two seasons ago. Two: Petyr likes to work in the shadows, but what if he were forced into a confrontation? What if he was attacked on the road, or someone tries to assassinate him? This battle could be a counterpoint to that present action, especially if Petyr wins the fight in the present.

The Night’s King

Game of Thrones flashback night's king

This might not come in the form of a flashback, but HBO already accidentally confirmed that this white walker we saw last season is the Night’s King. The legend of the Night’s King was told to Bran by Nan, and Ygritte talked with Jon about him later on. But with Nan and Ygritte both dead and Bran beyond the Wall we need a different way to hear this story on the show.

In short, the 13th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch (Jon was the 998th Lord Commander) found a female White Walker and fell in love with her. They ruled together for 13 years at the Nightfort, one of the ruined castles along the Wall. If the Night’s King is the current leader of the White Walkers (as he appears to be in Season 5) then we need to hear this legend and possibly have a creepy flash back scene to accompany it.

The Long Night / The Battle for the Dawn

game of thrones flashback white walker spider

Not even book readers know exactly what happened during the Long Night. It was eight thousand years ago, after all.

According to legend, there came a winter that lasted a generation. From the Land of Always Winter came the White Walkers – riding on ice spiders! A hero, known as Azor Ahai, somehow halted the White Walker attack and drove them back in the Battle for the Dawn. Then Bran the Builder and the Children of the Forest built the Wall to keep the Others trapped in the Land of Always Winter.

The Wall has apparently not been tested by the White Walkers. So it could be destroyed.

If that were to happen, showing a flashback of the Wall being built would show us what an important moment its destruction is (if that indeed comes to pass, and at least in the books, there has been some foreshadowing). Humanity’s last hope of protection destroyed as the Wall comes crumbling down.

Also if Jon Snow and/or Danaerys is the reincarnation of Azor Ahai (as it is heavily implied in the books) then it would be great to see the original Prince that was Promised (as Azor Ahai was known), or at least hear something about it. The show has made a big deal about characters filling their destinies to this point; there’s a lot to be gained by giving us some historical context.

Double also, we would LOVE to see some giant ice spiders, so please do this HBO!


game of thrones flashback david-benioff-and-db-weiss

D.B. Weiss and David Benioff were very against flashbacks and prophecies and visions when they began Game of Thrones, going so far as to say they wouldn’t do any. So even though they are now doing some doesn’t mean they will do all the flashbacks fans want to see. However, most of the flashbacks above reveal important things we probably need to know more about somehow, so fingers crossed that maybe a few of them will happen.

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