Game of Thrones – 6 Ways The Starks FINALLY Get Some Wins in Season 6!

2. Jon Snow… or is it Jon Stark?

jon snow got

Hopefully he’ll wait until the Night’s Watch guys aren’t looking before he resurrects, otherwise we’re not gonna get very far

At the moment Jon is dead, but we he probably won’t stay dead for long (Kit Harrington in costume and on set, y’all). Jon died and if he is resurrected would be free of any obligation to the Night’s Watch and the Wall.

So what’s a risen Jon to do? Well, for starters he knows the Boltons have seized Winterfell, and he’s probably in a hurry to get there. Maybe he runs into an escaping Sansa? Bran is also wandering around somewhere in the north, and we know he’s going to show up this season. Maybe it’s the Stark men-who-left-Winterfell-as-boys (The Prodigal Starks? There’s a sitcom I want to see. But I digress…) who will come back full of power and fury to unite the North once again.

But Jon’s a bastard, you might be thinking, he can’t reign over Winterfell. True, but aside from theories about Jon’s true noble parentage, in the books, Jon was legitimized by Robb before his death at the Red Wedding, so we could see Jon as the King in the North next season.