Game of Thrones – 6 Ways The Starks FINALLY Get Some Wins in Season 6!

4. The Return of Bran


MISSING: Last seen in Season 4, being lured into the woods by an old man offering to show him some “magic”

Bran was missing in Season 5, but he’s coming back for Season 6. Since his last appearance, disappearing into a creepy cave with a mystical old man with secret powers, he has presumably learned more about green seeing and his warging abilities. Bran could use his powers to influence other events in Westeros, as far South as the weirwood trees grow. Meaning he could take part in a second battle at Winterfell, or any other number of conflicts in the North.

How powerful Bran’s powers are remains to be seen, but he could, in theory, communicate with his siblings, as each of the Stark children have shown some sort of warging abilities since acquiring their direwolves. However, if Bran is going to warg into a dragon, it is more likely to happen beyond this season. Damn, just when you were getting interesting…