Game of Thrones – 6 Ways The Starks FINALLY Get Some Wins in Season 6!

6. Arya Kidding Me? No.


I’d apologize for that Arya pun above, but I don’t think she saw it.

When we last left Arya she was blind in the House of Black and White. In the books, it was part of her training and temporary. So Arya will probably regain her sight soon in Season 6. As for her plot the rest of the year, it would be a lot of waiting around if Arya didn’t leave the House of Black and White by the end of Season 6. Whether she is expelled or becomes a full fledged Faceless Assassin remains to be seen, but likely Arya will continue to cross names off her ever dwindling list.

We have to remember that George R.R. Martin is the mastermind behind this and he has not been kind to the Starks so far. Theoretically any of these things could happen, but it won’t be smooth sailing. It never is on Game of Thrones. Even if all of this happens it will be slow and may take most or all of the season to get there. Any of the characters listed above could very well die through out the course of the final three season, along with dozens of other characters. But remember, that’s what drew us to GoT in the first place. Valar Morghulis.