Gravity App: The Useful New Feature Apple Keeps Blocking from Your iPhone

What about this seemingly-harmless tool has Apple up in arms?

Gravity App

“Not Appropriate.”

That’s the mysterious reason Apple gave for blocking a new app, “Gravity,” from its store. Designed by an engineer, the app turns 3D touch drawing support into a handy scale.

The removal of the app has led to a diverse variety of theories, the leading ones we will detail below

Apple Doesn’t Like New Tech

Gravity New Tech

Whether for proprietary reasons or simply fear of the unknown, Apple has a history of not allowing apps that take their phone technology in new directions. Apple initially banned another app, Launcher, which provided phone shortcuts (although they later rescinded this ban). Perhaps Apple has its own scale in the works, and doesn’t want to provide any legal recourse for third-party developers to sue.


Apple Has Damage Concerns

Gravity Broken Screen

Obviously, someone dumb enough could set up the Gravity app, put their phone on the ground, and step on it. Rather than getting their own weight, they would simply receive a broken phone. It is possible that Apple does not want customer service bogged down by upset customers who placed heavy objects on their phone. It should be noted, however, that a red light flashes in the app should a dangerously heavy object be placed upon the screen.


Apple Thinks Its Fake

Gravity Fake Scale

This isn’t the first scale app available. However, it is the first scale app that actually works. The store sees a good share of fake apps that promise to turn the phone into a scale, but actually do nothing. The creator of Gravity, however, sent a video demonstrating the integrity of the program to Apple, but still couldn’t get it approved.


Apple Fears Association with Drugs

Gravity drugs

Let’s face it, an app like this is going to be a hit with the illegal drug-dealing world. Even those who don’t consume illicit substances have heard ample stories of drug dealers burning customers on the weight of a transaction. With this app, anyone can quickly weigh a bag of marijuana, cocaine, etc. to figure out if things are on the level (pun intended). Drug dealers can also forego expensive scales and simply weigh out quantities on demand. Could this be why Apple eighty-sixed the Gravity App? Keep a close eye on this site, as we’ll let you know if any developments do occur.