Hemlock Grove Viewing Guide for Your Perfect Binge Watch

What to Watch, What to Skip, What You Missed

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The final season of Hemlock Grove is now available to stream on Netflix. It’s been a hell of a ride. If you’re looking to do a re-watch or if you’ve never watched before, here’s a handy guide for those of you out there that don’t have time to watch 33 episodes. (But really, The X-Files isn’t coming back until January, so what else are you doing?)

Note: Assume if an episode isn’t listed, that it’s incredibly helpful to watch, but not absolutely necessary.

Hemlock Grove S1 Cast

Season 1


This season is largely about self-discovery and the growing friendship between Roman and Peter, two boys that have been largely isolated from their peers. The season-long mystery of who is killing girls on the full moon is largely predictable for the first 11 episodes, but the 12th episode packs a punch and makes the whole build-up worth it.

Must-See: Jellyfish in the Sky (Episode 101)

Duh. It sets up the whole series. Meet Peter and Roman. Peter may not be entirely human. Roman may not be entirely human. Something is killing young girls. There’s a top-notch soundtrack.

Must-See: The Angel (102)

This goes hand-in-hand as it sets up a lot of the mythology of the series and the season arc.

Skip: Hello, Handsome (105)

Mostly more Chasseur backstory that’s not really that necessary in the grand scheme of things and some vague mythology references. Also, the Godfrey brothers brought a dead baby, Shelley, in to Dr. Pryce, suggesting many of Shelley’s eccentricities were brought upon by Dr. Pryce’s efforts to bring her back to life. Letha and Peter grow closer. Roman is jealous. Because that’s perfectly normal. The police confront Roman about the shovel he left at Lisa Willoughby’s grave (because he was smart enough to bring one labeled with his gardener’s name).

Speaking of Lisa Willoughby, Destiny eats a maggot  (worm?) that has ingested Lisa’s innards, giving Lisa a chance to talk through Destiny. She received an anonymous invitation for a party, but it was a trap.

As for Chasseur’s backstory – in flashbacks we see her imprisoned with a pregnant woman. Throughout the episode she’s sharpening a metal piece from one of the beds. The pregnant woman offers to help sharpen this weapon. Little does she know, this is the weapon Chasseur will use to kill her on the night of the full moon when she begins to turn. This was Chasseur’s initiation into the Order of the Dragon.

Must-See: Catabasis (108)

We see inside Roman’s mind, so there’s some pretty important stuff in this episode. Pay enough attention, you might be able to predict some major revelations.

Skip: What Peter Can Live Without (109)

There’s some relationship stuff in this that you’ll easily follow in the next episode, and mostly it’s just filler. If you’re a fan of Peter, you might want to squeeze this in because he’s got some great quiet character moments (like his fairy story), but by and large the episode is skippable.

As for the other characters, Chasseur is haunted by her past, particularly the part where she murdered a pregnant girl in cold blood. Then she kind of inexplicably has sex with Destiny (you know, because Destiny can restore her through sex). Lynda and Olivia bond over being single mothers of boys. Letha’s parents find out she’s having sex with Peter and want to meet him. Norman is less than impressed with Peter.

Peter visits Chasseur to ask her to protect Letha on the full moon. Chasseur thinks that this is a sign from God that she’s supposed to kill Peter, even though she’s pretty sure he didn’t kill the girls.

As for what Peter can live without? He can live without Letha as long as she’s safe. He pushes her away to make sure she stays away from him on the full moon.

Hemlock Grove Christina

Must-See: What God Wants (110)

Another brutal full moon. Christina’s not doing so great. Some good stuff between Peter and Roman. Gearing up for the final episodes.

Must-See: Children of the Night (112)

The killer is revealed.

Hemlock Grove Peter turning

Must-See: Birth (113)

But there’s more! A birth, a death, and fractured relationships.

Hemlock Grove Peter and Roman

Next Up: Season 2

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