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Hemlock Grove Roman

Season 2


What we see here in Season 2 is that Hemlock Grove is, more than ever, setting itself apart from the genre. While The Vampire Diaries and Heroes have the problem of creating believable roadblocks for their super-powered characters, Hemlock Grove presents its characters’ eccentricities as hindrances more than anything. Sure, Peter uses his werewolf attributes to his advantage in cons, but in the end his recklessness threatens his sanity and his life. He is in constant danger of being found out, as is Roman. Beyond elevated strength, Roman and Peter’s supernatural identities don’t protect them from threats. They don’t have super speed, they’re not impervious to harm, and they’re actually relatively easy to kill. It doesn’t help that they keep receiving dreams that lead them into dangerous situations in an effort to prevent the violent dreams from coming to fruition.

Overall, this season delves deeper into the supernatural world and centers heavily on Letha and Roman’s baby – what she is, what she’s capable of, and what her destiny might be. This will bleed into next season where hopefully we’ll get the full answers to all these questions and more.

Hemlock Grove Roman and Nadia

Must-See: Blood Pressure (Episode 201)

Setting up the season. ‘Nuff said.

Must-See: Bodily Fluids (204)

Some important season arc stuff happens in this episode.

Skip: Hemlock Diego’s Policy Player’s Dream Book (205)

Despite having perhaps the best episode title, this episode is largely skippable. Pryce’s floating girl is revealed to be one of Pryce’s creations – Prycilla (ego alert!) Peter and Destiny break Lynda out of prison and help her get to Romania. Miranda is still freaking out over her lactation, but embracing the role nonetheless. Roman convinces her to keep Nadia a secret under the guise that she needs to be kept away from Olivia (which is true, yet not the whole truth). Olivia finds she is aging rapidly and Roman agrees to undergo Pryce’s experimental gene therapy in an effort to reverse the upir effects.

Hemlock Grove Olivia

Mostly Skip: Such Dire Stuff (206)

The last 10 minutes or so of this episode is pretty damn important. So if you want to skip the first 40 minutes, that’s totally okay.

What you miss: One of the masked men can’t bring himself to kill a little boy, so he kills himself. Shelley’s relationship with another little boy (Jason) leads to a violent end as she attempts to protect him from an abusive father. Jason’s family ends up dead and Shelley ends up in critical condition. Norman finds her and takes her to Pryce. Destiny thinks Miranda is conning Peter, which would be far more interesting than anything Miranda’s done so far. Meanwhile, Olivia is lurking around the baby and gathering information on Miranda. This all leads us into the final 10 minutes of the episode, which in broad strokes gets a lot out on the table between Roman and Peter. Or, you know, among Roman, Peter, and Miranda.

Must-See: Tintypes (209)

The season arcs begin to come to a head.

Must-See: The Demons and the Dogstar (210)

Some crazy stuff goes down in this episode. Maybe to the point of jumping the shark? At the very least, there’s some awkward CGI. But alas, this episode is necessary to prepare for the third and final season.

Speaking of the final season, it’s available now to stream in full on Netflix. I don’t know about you, but that’s what I’ll be doing for the next 10 hours or so.

Hemlock Grove Peter

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