Inside Out Honest Trailer Helps Us Sort Through All the Confusing Feels

A return to form for Pixar, but is the movie trying to pull at our heart strings, or tells audiences that they need to spend more time in therapy?

After the forgettable and downright disappointing Cars 2 and Planes, Pixar returned to form – making kids movies that are really movies for adults about feeling all of our feelings while sharing a bucket of overpriced popcorn – with Inside Out.

After many requests, Honest Trailers came through and gave Inside Out the comedy treatment, maybe taking a deeper look at what the movie is trying to sell us along the way (aside from a big box of Kleenex).

What do you mean you forgot to refill our Xanax prescription?

What’s your problem with San Francisco, Pixar? NorCal is where tech happens (not to mention where YOU ARE!) so this city should be your favorite place. Just because Rage isn’t a fan of the pizza (East Coast peeps, am I right?) doesn’t mean you have to throw shade on Northern California’s fanciest and most expensive city.

What Honest Trailers really wants to talk about though are all those feels. Yes, the movie is about these little people that control all the emotions in your brain, and make one little girl named Riley experience Schizophrenia AND Bi-Polar Disorder. Nice, Pixar. All Riley needs is to start listening to The Smiths and wearing all black, but wait, they didn’t give her those feels in the movie. Good thing most Pixar movies go over kids heads, but adults know what’s up, which could be what the prescription drug companies are betting on (mwahahaha).

Hold on, I'm waiting for one of the feels in my head to input my reaction.

Also, thanks for letting kids know that when they act up, it’s not their fault but the cute little people inside them (voiced by recognizable TV actors) who are just messing things up. Personal responsibility doesn’t exist, just adorable animated button pushers. “But MOM…I didn’t destroy Julie’s doll, Rage made me do it!”

Thanks for reminding us that Herman’s Head and curly-haired mullets existed, Honest Trailers (said, the actors that starred in the show).

Honest Trailers can always be counted on to make us laugh, and Pixar to make us cry, and then be depressed, because now we know we’re all just made up of a cross-section of a YouTube comments section and that’s just a bummer. Ha and sigh.

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