Jessica Jones “Nightcap” New Clip Breakdown

The new teaser may be called “Nightcap,” but it’s the middle of the day for Jessica.

Huzzah, Netflix! They’re keeping the sweet, sweet flow of Jessica Jones teases coming.

“Nightcap” is the second glimpse at a scene from Jessica Jones, following “Good Morning.” Except that at 7:54pm, this is hardly a nightcap for Jessica, who’s only been awake since 3:00.

That means it’s something like noon to Jessica’s biological clock. Whiskey for lunch? Oh well, guess it’s five o’clock somewhere.

But more seriously, there are a few things to glean from this tease, especially in combination with the first.

3) Jessica is really stinkin’ strong.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 11.43.33 AM

She might not be on Hulk level (and really, no one is), but Jessica can hold her own. I’m not even talking about the half-dozen nasty looking men (and women) scattered around the bar in pain from the beating they’ve just received at her hands. I’m talking about this:

Jukeboxes are HEAVY. She barely tapped that thing and it leapt out of her way like she was royalty. When you look at that along with her annihilation of her alarm clock in the “Good Morning” clip, it’s clear what Marvel/Netflix want us to know about her.

This is also hinting a little at what will make it in and what will be left out from the Alias comics that the show is based on. Jessica isn’t a character in control of herself all the time, but she’s also very hesitant to use her powers in the comics. Super strength is something that’s less of a “choice” to use and more just happens, but we haven’t even seen a hint of Jessica flying yet, something she was never all that good at anyways. Could her flight abilities be left out of the show entirely.

2) It’s [almost] time the world knew her name [and face].

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 11.44.03 AM

Anyone else find it a little weird that we keep seeing the back of Krysten Ritter’s head, but not her face? Could be that she’s busted and bruised from a hard night before (there is an empty whiskey bottle in “Good Morning” and she seems generally not in the mood to put up with anyone’s s*** here).

But we’re betting on a simpler, more thematic, even more elegant answer. And no, it doesn’t really look like “elegant” and “Jessica Jones” belong in the same sentence so far, but the first Jessica Jones trailer made a big deal about identity. The trailer closed saying, “It’s time the world knew her name.” Well, we might know her name already, but A) the show’s not here yet, so keeping up the conceit that the reveal of both the show and her face are right around the corner is kind of fun, and B) if you read either of our articles or watched either of our videos on Jessica Jones so far, you know that Jessica doesn’t really want to be known. She’s happy being anonymous, but as these clips are showing, there’s just no way she’s going to say anonymous. So soon enough, we will know her name whether she likes it or not. (And see her face, too.)

3) Misery loves company.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 11.45.12 AM

If there’s one thing other than first-rate superhero action that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for, it’s gags. The MCU loves to be funny! And it’s not afraid to embrace the comic absurdity that sometimes comes with a semi-staged moment. Shawarma. Puny god. Fire extenguishers. Heck, the whole bit in Age of Ultron when everyone’s trying to lift Mjolnir. (Which pays off beautifully with this, but I digress…)

And if there’s one thing other than Jessica Jones’s strength that these two clips have demonstrated, it’s the wry ironic wit the show wants to have. Jessica may be a beat down character living in a terribly depressing and grimy part of the city, but the show’s not going to pull any punches, so to speak, laughing at her when she’s being silly. Alarm clocks only break once, and there’s no better way to laugh at having a drink in the middle of a bar she just trashed than having Jessica set the soundtrack of her own life. And to Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation,” no less.

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