Macklemore Downtown Video – Texas Law Hawk Unleashes Best Lawyer Commercial of All Time

A Texas attorney uses the Macklemore “Downtown” video as inspiration for a new ad…

macklemore downtown video bryan wilson

Do you live in Texas? Have you been charged with driving under the influence?

Then consider hiring Bryan Wilson and his “talons of justice.”

The 29-year-old attorney (yes, he is a real, licensed criminal defense attorney), has created what is probably the greatest lawyer ad you will ever see.

Macklemore Downtown Video TexasLawHawk


It hints at some sort of orgy involving llama masks, shows Wilson crashing through a wall not unlike the Kool-Aid Man, and even features a surprise appearance from a dwarf.

“Due process? Do wheelies!” Wilson yells as he lifts off on a dirt bike with a large American flag strapped to it.

No idea what that means, but you can’t help but want to hire the guy after seeing it. As of this writing, the video has about 660,000 views on YouTube.

Macklemore Downtown Video TexasLawHawk2


Considering Wilson’s emphasis on wheelies and crashing through walls, you have to wonder if he wasn’t at least a little bit influenced by the Macklemore “Downtown” video, which features the rapper crashing through a mo-ped dealership’s wall.

Unfortunately, if you want to hire Macklemore to represent you for a DUI charge, he isn’t licensed to practice law in Texas (or anywhere else for that matter), and didn’t smash through the wall to the sound of a screeching hawk in the name of justice and freedom like Wilson. Macklmore just did it for fun apparently. Actually, did he even pay for that bike? Maybe he should call Wilson.

Hopefully Wilson, who already has one other fairly successful video on Youtube. will take another cue from the Macklemore “Downtown” video with his next ad and include some sort of hawk chariot.

Macklemore Downtown Video Eagle Chariot


Wilson isn’t the first attorney to try to build a law practice using viral videos on YouTube. Fellow Texas attorney Adam Reposa has similarly built a reputation for himself with ads emphasizing that he is a lawyer and fights for “freedom.”  Daniel Muessig, a Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney, also scored a large number views on YouTube last year with his “Thanks Dan” video that strongly channeled Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad, and even featured that same screaming hawk noise from Wilson’s video at one point.