Mad Max: Fury Road Reimagined as Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

Yes, they thought of Mad Max Rocky Road, but that’s only 1 flavor… See the rest of the Mad Max Ice Cream flavors below.

mad max ice cream ben & jerry's

Oh what a lovely sundae!

Ben & Jerry’s has the best flavors, but it has even better tie ins. Thanks to reddit user WiizzyWiig we get to enjoy a fictional look at some delicious new post-apocalypse ice cream options. Here are the best Mad Max ice cream flavors to get you through another day in the Wastelands.

1. Mad Max Rocky Road

mad max ice cream rocky road

After a long day driving your War Rig down Fury Road, why not stop for a little chocolate chip chunks?

2. War Boys Valhalla Bean

 mad max ice cream war boys valhalla bean

Witness this flavor! Good for when your blood bag is running low on sugar.

3. Immortan Cup O’ Joe

mad max ice cream immortan cup o' joe

Dreading the long drive to Gas Town? Start your day with some coffee flavored ice cream.

4. Furiosa’s Five Wives Neapolitan

mad max ice cream furiosa's five wives neapolitan

If you’re trying to repopulate the earth, what better way to seduce your captured bride than with a little multi-flavor treat.

What other Mad Max flavors do you want to see? Beyond Sherbertdome? Doofies ‘n’ Cream?