Marvel Movies in 2020 – What’s in Phase 4? (Odds)

Not a perfect 20/20 look, but glimpse into the future of 2020. That’s going to get confusing, isn’t it?

phase 4

It’s safe to say that Marvel’s hype machine is probably the most successful force in Hollywood at the moment.

The comic book giant-turned-movie studio seems to have kicked into overdrive lately, announcing new projects like Damage Control, Ant Man and the Wasp, and three new unannounced Marvel movies in 2020.

Comic book fans and moviegoers worldwide have begun debating what these new movies might be. While there’s a good chance Marvel will throw a curveball or two at us, here are a few of the most likely candidates:

The Frontrunners

Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3 (3 to 1 odds)


A space team featuring an ’80s manchild, a walking tree, and a raccoon were an unlikely hit in 2014, but Marvel’s going to do everything they can to milk the Guardians for all they’re worth.

With Guardians 2 set to release in 2017 and rumors that Drax the Destroyer is going to play a particularly large part in the Infinity War movies in 2018 and 2019, there’s very little chance that we won’t see a third Guardians movie eventually.

That said, with Infinity War and Captain Marvel both coming the year before, does Marvel will follow up with another cosmic Marvel movie in 2020?

Spider-Man 2 (5 to 1)


If there’s one thing Marvel and Sony Pictures have learned, it’s that there’s always an audience for a good Spider-Man film. Admittedly, if that movie doesn’t star JK Simmons or Bruce Campbell, the audience is sizably smaller, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still a passionate hunger for more adventures starring the Web Head.

Spider-Man 2 is incredibly likely to make a 2020 appearance, considering that the first MCU Spider-Movie will be released in 2017 and Sony can’t afford to wait too long between sequels. That said, it’ll all depend on the success of the first film and whether or not audiences will show a continued interest in the often-rebooted wall crawler. Better believe Sony (and Marvel) learned from their massive Amazing Spider-Man planned universe debacle.

Doctor Strange 2 (6 to 1)


Let me make a prediction: Doctor Strange is going to make Marvel ALL THE MONEYS. The good doctor is one of Marvel’s strongest comic characters that hasn’t yet been exploited, and putting Benedict Cumberbatch in a lead role is basically like printing money.

This being the case, another Doctor Strange movie will definitely be on the cards, and considering the first movie is due out next year, Marvel won’t want to wait too long before bringing back the Sorcerer Supreme.

Personally I’m looking forward to every opportunity I can get to hear Ben shout, “By the Hoary Hoards of Hoggoth!”