Marvel Movies in 2020 – What’s in Phase 4? (Odds)

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Iron Man 4 (12 to 1)


After Iron Man 3, Robert Downey Jr said that he was absolutely, definitely done with the MCU.

Just as soon as he’d finished Age of Ultron.

A little later it was confirmed that he’s also be appearing in Captain America: Civil War. What’s interesting is that while discussing various future plans, RDJ accidentally let slip a few times that there’d be an Iron Man 4 – something which Marvel execs were quick to try and cover up.

It’s possible as far as Robert Downey Jr. is concerned, Civil War is Iron Man 4, but there’s also a possibility that there’ll be yet another return for everyone’s favorite alcoholic superhero (sorry Jessica Jones).

Planet Hulk or World War Hulk (15 to 1)

planet hulk

Let’s get something straight: everybody – and I do mean everybody – loves Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk. It’s interesting that Marvel have thus far avoided giving Bruce Banner another movie, possibly because neither of the previous two really set the world alight.

There are some great Hulk stories to tell though, though. Planet Hulk, where Hulk is exiled to a faraway world and forced into gladiatorial combat, was a great comic storyline from a few years ago which would work well with Marvel’s increasingly large roster of cosmic movies. We do know that Hulk is headed into space in Thor: Ragnarok, after all.

Alternatively, World War Hulk is basically scene from Age of Ultron where Hulk gets mind controlled by Scarlet Witch, but with all the Avengers working together to stop Hulk’s temper tantrum.

Basically anything that gives Mark Ruffalo or his green CGI alter ego more screen time would be seen as a huge win for fans.

Nova Corps (17 to 1)


The Nova Corps are basically the Green Lanterns of the Marvel comics – which is probably why they didn’t look anything like their comic counterparts when they appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy. Marvel’s been setting up the hero Nova for quite a while now, which could mean that we’re getting a movie soon (soon is relative in the MCU).

That said, with Captain Marvel, Guardians of the Galaxy and Infinity War all treading similar ground, Marvel might choose to wait a little longer to make this movie.