Marvel Movies in 2020 – What’s in Phase 4? (Odds)

The Long Shots

Black Widow (25 to 1)


A Black Widow movie is probably the internet’s number one most requested Marvel project. Many fans have fallen in love with Scarlets Johansson’s character and are desperate to see Natasha Romanov in something other than a supporting role.

If Marvel chooses to listen to its fans, there’s a good bet Black Widow might make the cut in 2020. That said, fans have been requesting this movie for a while now and the MCU execs clearly have different plans.

Young Avengers (30 to 1)

young avengers

The Young Avengers start out in the comics as the Avengers Lite – teenagers who take up the mantle of their idols while the real Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have temporarily disbanded.

Cassie Lang, Paul Rudd’s on-screen daughter from Ant-Man, is on the team, meaning that Marvel’s already gone part of the way to setting this team up. It would be interesting to see a younger set of heroes take center stage, and could also help transition the MCU into the future as acting contracts for the current slate of heroes expire.

That said, the Young Avengers might be better suited to an ABC television series, as the team’s complex relationships would probably play out better in a serial show rather than on the big screen. Of course, the same could have been said of the Guardians of the Galaxy, and we all know how that turned out!

Thunderbolts (30 to 1)


The world of comic book movies moves quickly – there’s no guarantee that clean cut heroics are going to please everyone indefinitely. In mining their remaining franchises for movie potential, there’s no way Marvel hasn’t considered the Thunderbolts.

The team has changed many times, but the premise has always been the same – the Thunderbolts are supervillains who are pretending to be heroes.

Depending on the success of DC’s Suicide Squad, a team of villains may be just what the Marvel execs feel the MCU lacks, so there’s a good chance they’re putting this idea on hold until they can assess the movie landscape in a couple of years.

What’s more, one of the key ingredients in the most popular Thunderbolts run was Norman Osborn, a.k.a. the Green Goblin – a character who’ll likely be tied up with Spider-Man movies at least for now.

Hawkeye (40 to 1)

hawkeye age of ultron

Before Age of Ultron, most moviegoers probably wouldn’t have expressed any interest in a standalone Hawkeye movie. The Avengers sequel gave us an interesting look into the least mighty Avenger, though, and has left many fans reconsidering their feelings for the character.

It doesn’t hurt that Matt Fraction’s run on the Hawkeye (or should he be called Hawkguy?) comics has been hugely popular. Any comic book that can get away with setting an entire issue from the perspective of a dog is going to start turning heads at Marvel Studios.

Hawkeye has a lot of potential as a smaller budget film, telling the story of a normal guy whose work colleagues are gods and monsters. Think a superhero version of a Bourne movie, something Jeremy Renner already has experience doing. That said, Marvel movies have always been about the spectacle, so it’s unlikely they’ll plan this movie while there are so many other explosive franchises worth pursuing.