Marvel Movies in 2020 – What’s in Phase 4? (Odds)



Honorable Mentions

fantastic four

There are a few other rumors buzzing around in the wind at the moment. Some sources suggest that there might be a deal in the works to return the rights to the Fantastic Four to Marvel from Fox, in which case, a third attempt at Marvel’s First Family might be in the works. (Ok, so as of today it looks like that deal is dead. But we’re talking five years down the line. Spider-Man just returned to the fold this year, and he’s already going to appear in Civil War.)

moon knight

Alternatively, there’s rumors of a Moon Knight Netflix series floating around, which would probably make a fair amount of sense since Marvel’s Would-Be Batman fits the darker world a bit better. Who knows, though? Moon Knight might make a movie appearance, if only to screw with DC.

Chances are, the gears of the Marvel hype machine will keep turning and we’ll find out about the 2020 movies soon enough.

In the meantime, though, let us know your thoughts on the 2020 stars of the MCU in the comments below.