Marvel Releases Jessica Jones Comic PREQUEL To Netflix Show

It’s written by the original Jessica Jones author, it’s totally FREE, and you can totally read it right now.

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Looking for something to tide you over to the release of Jessica Jones on Netflix? How about a comic book tie-in written by the original author of the Alias comics, Brian Michael Bendis?

By the original creative team from the comics, but official canon for the Netflix show

Give it a read and then come back for some spoiler-y discussion.

Spoilers for the comic below!

The first thing that leaps out about the book is that DAREDEVIL IS IN IT! And that’s news, because he’s still not confirmed for Jessica Jones despite the fact that they both live and work in Hell’s Kitchen, New York.

So what does that mean? Well, a search for Daredevil might be a major plot line for the series. Matt Murdock is pretty good at hiding in plain sight, but Jessica is, after all, a private detective. Maybe her investigation into Daredevil’s identity, something that could lead up to the unification of the Defenders, keeps getting derailed by Killgrave, a.k.a. the Purple Man, who will be in every single episode of Jessica Jones.


Hi, I’m Turk. I get beat up a lot.

Also, remember Turk from the Daredevil series? Yeah, we saw him get arrested and go to jail. So this comic takes place between Daredevil and Jessica Jones, but the events of the two almost overlap.

Flying is overrated.Another funny bit – we talked just yesterday about how bad Jessica is at flying, and the comic makes sure to point that out again – Jessica undershoots her leap to the top of the hospital by a little bit. She’s more adept at sneaking around. The hero life isn’t really for her.

Not that she’s got the personality for it, ripping out a guy’s IV.

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