MASSIVE New Game of Thrones Season 6 Spoiler Via Set Photo

This is gonna blow your mind whether you read the books or not.

new game of thrones season 6 spoiler

This really is a huge new Game of Thrones season 6 spoiler.

Will Daenyrs reach King’s Landing in Season 6? A photo has surfaced of what appears to be Emilia Clarke, Lena Heady, and Natalie Dormer in costume together in Spain.

new game of thrones season 6 spoiler danaerys cersei margeary

As of the end of season five, Danaerys is nowhere near King’s Landing, Margery is in the Sparrows prison, and Cersi has only recently gotten out following her walk of shame. Dany would have to go a long way for this meet up to happen in Season 6, so this could be a break between shots. But before you write it off completely, the scenes in Meereen have previously been shot in Croatia. It does look like a lot of Game of Thrones production is moving to Spain for season 6, but even assuming the sets are close by there aren’t a lot of reasons for all three actors to be in costume in the same place if they aren’t shooting something.

If this is part of shooting it would be mind-blowing. The Mother of Dragons is finally in Westeros! There is some evidence for it to be an actual scene. Lena Heady appears to be in character, staring angrily at the other two. They are all in full costume and their body language is very similar to how their characters act on camera.

bBefore this photo dropped it seemed like Dany wouldn’t reach Westeros until the final book/season. So don’t get too excited, this could just be the actresses hanging out, but if it isn’t, Game of Thrones is in for some big changes in Season 6. We’re already working on what’s up and how it might happen over the course of the season, so check back soon for a look at what it would take to get these three women together at last!