New Game of Thrones Characters – Who’s Coming to Westeros for Season 6?

Euron Greyjoy

Kasper (Pilou Asbæk) foran Borgen.

The Greyjoys are back. Pilou Asbaek, (Lucy, The Borgias) will play Euron Greyjoy, Theon’s uncle and Balon’s brother. One of the plotlines left to adapt from the novels is the Kingsmoot in the Iron Islands, a subplot from A Feast for Crows. We should be seeing that in Season 6.

As a side note, a popular fan theory has been almost entirely disproven by this casting news. That theory says that Daario, Dany’s assassin who switched actors between Seasons 3 and 4 and who is now her lover, is actually Euron Greyjoy. The theory says Euron has a plan to seduce, marry, and then kill Dany to steal her dragons, which sounds crazy but also weirdly within the bounds of what kind of shenanigans we’ve come to expect from Game of Thrones. You can see the full theory below.

As Alt Shift X points out, the theory doesn’t make a lot of sense geographically. Euron would have to be criss cross the world at fast speeds for the timeline to work out. However, it would have been a great Machiavellian twist. But since HBO has cast another actor to play Euron, Daario and Euron probably aren’t the same person. Unless Euron not only has a magic ship but is also a Faceless Assassin. (But that wouldn’t seem to fit with the character’s motivations.)

The Tarly Family

Well if he's going to dress like that, I can see why Sam would leave.

Well if he’s going to dress like that, I can see why Sam would leave.

We will be meeting the Tarly family next year. They were Sam’s family before he took the Black and joined the Night’s Watch. James Faulkner (Da Vinci’s Demons, Downton Abbey) will play Sam’s father, Randyll Tarly, who threatened to murder Sam if he didn’t leave for the Watch.

new game of thrones characters dickon

Freddie Storma (who was in another popular fantasy series as Cormac McLaggen in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince) will play Sam’s younger brother Dickon.

new game of thrones characters melissa tarly

And Samantha Spiro (From Hell) will play his mother Melissa Tarly.

There are a couple of ways we could meet Sam’s family. Sam may stop by on his way to Oldtown. If so, Sam’s stop in Braavos won’t be as long as in A Feast for Crows if he goes there at all.

Or the Tarlys could have some part to play in the Westeros Civil War going forward. Will Jon Stark recruit them to win back the North?