HONEST TRAILERS Jurassic World Video Reveals Tragic Flaws of Movie

Honest Trailers keeps it real (and hilarious) with its review of Jurassic World.

Jurassic World made over a billion dollars worldwide this year, so you’ve probably already seen the movie. That doesn’t mean you can’t spend six minutes of your time watching Honest Trailers throw some justified shade, because for all the Benjamins Jurassic World earned, it still had its share of moments where you said “wtf were they thinking?!?” Be honest, this movie probably did not bring back the warm and fuzzies you felt when watching original flavor Jurassic Park in theaters back in the day.

One of the biggest complaints about the movie from critics (and audience members that wasted $5.50 on an Icee) was that the characters were not just paper thin, but not even characters at all. The lovable Chris Pratt was a pale imitation of Han Solo, and his only directive was to be “adventure bad boy.” Bryce Dallas Howard may have been the most maligned, but that was because she was business lady who wore inappropriate footwear. Honest Trailers can’t understand why they made out, but we think it was their love of the letter “A” for asset and animal that brought them together.


And Vincent D’onofrio as the bad guy? Well, we know he plays bad guys well (see Daredevil, no really, Netflix that immediately) but in this movie all he was missing was a moustache to twirl. What made people born in the 1980’s fall in love with Jurassic Park were the fantastic characters and a story that,l while fantasy, still made sense. Also, Jeff Goldblum cracking wise.

If you were living under a rock, or on vacation during the summer and missed Jurassic World, the one thing that you probably heard about was Bryce Dallas Howard running in heels. It’s never a good sign when audiences get hung up on minor details like that. Yes, a normal person would have kicked those bad boys off, or sprained an ankle and died, but not in movie land. Why was nobody talking about the real dinosaur in the room? How embarrassing was it that a dinosaur couldn’t catch a lady wearing heels? Doesn’t say much about Jurassic Parks science program, does it?

Best part of the movie? Dinosaur’s fighting! Hell yes! Prehistoric Shamu making Blackfish look like a cuddly puppy? Pass the popcorn, please.

You can either spend two hours of your time watching the movie and waiting for the dinosaurs to start tearing s**t up, or let Honest Trailers break it down for you, save you some time, and make you chuckle along the way.