New Jessica Jones Trailer “Evening Stroll” Reveals More Power and Her Office

Able to leap tall buildings…or at least five stories…in a single bound

New Jessica Jones Trailer "Evening Stroll"

Netflix and Marvel’s new Jessica Jones trailer is a little more straightforward than either of the last two. Which is saying something given they averaged just 50 seconds each (including the Netflix and Marvel logos). But it does clarify…well, sort of…one important detail we weren’t quite sure would be included in the show: flight.

Have a look:

So here’s the question: Is she flying up to the fire escape, or just jumping? In the comics, Jessica Jones can fly, but she’s really not that good at it. Here, she lands heavily outside her Alias Investigations office, which could be her just having bad control over her flight abilities (or maybe even not caring to land softly – we saw what she did to her alarm clock). Or, it could mean that she just jumped really high with her super strong legs. There have been rumors that the show wouldn’t include flight among her powers, maybe to help her fit in with the other Defenders.

New Jessica Jones Trailer "Evening Stroll"

But even if she can fly, not wanting to do more than hop up a few stories actually it fits with her character. Remember, she’s a street level bruiser, not a soaring, shiny hero. Like the very first trailer, we can see Avengers Tower far in the background in this one, nowhere near the bars, mini-marts, and bus ads that fill Jessica’s dingy world.

This teaser still doesn’t reveal Krysten Ritter’s face (we went into a little bit of why this is cool/significant over here), but it does get us a little closer. We’re seeing more and more of her real power under the blue jeans, leather jacket, and combat boots, and it’s seeming more and more like a theme of this show is going to be about anonymity versus action. In this teaser, we see Jessica carefully look around to make sure no one’s watching before she flies/jumps. But she still does it in the middle of the street. The more powerful Jessica looks in the trailers, the closer we get to seeing her face, i.e. the “real” her.

With an ad campaign that centers on the mantra, “It’s time the world knew her name,” it doesn’t seem like Jessica Jones is going to be just another private eye in Hell’s Kitchen, New York for very much longer.

New Jessica Jones Trailer "Evening Stroll"