New Minecraft Game Gets a New Trailer

Behold the wonders of Minecraft: Story Mode!

Telltale Games is at it again, this time with Minecraft: Story Mode. Which is, in fact, an intentional misnomer. This isn’t just a new play mode for OG Minecraft. This is an ENTIRELY. NEW. GAME.

Ok, so that might not be news to you. This is, after all, the second trailer for Minecraft: Story Mode. But where the first one focused on the player and his (or her – you play a either a male or female character named Jesse in the game) group of friends, this new one focuses on the myths that you’ll be encountering in the game. More specifically, it focuses on what you’ll see in just episode 1. Which seems insane, because there is a TON of content in this trailer.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 10.01.57 AM

The trailer kicks off by telling “the legend of the Order of the Stone,” a tale of four ancient heroes who conquered an Ender Dragon (one of the two “boss mobs” in Minecraft) and brought peace to the land. But clearly that peace has passed. A few screaming villagers later, one of the four from the Order of the Stone shows up and recruits the player and his friends to help conquer the new threat (a reincarnated Ender Dragon, maybe?). Zombies, skydiving, mine carts, and giant lava squids follow.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 10.25.30 AM

We weren’t kidding. Giant. Lava. Squid.

Telltale Games is developing the episodic Minecraft: Story Mode. They’re the same studio behind the Walking Dead adventure game, The Wolf Among Us, a Game of Thrones adaptation, and others, and they’re known for giving the player impossibly tough choices. It doesn’t seem like Minecraft: Story Mode is likely to have the same sort of, “You live, you die, you become a zombie,” choices as The Walking Dead, but it does promise players a chance to shape their own story. It just remains to be seen exactly what that story will be beyond an apparently lava-filled first episode.

Telltale has been incredibly prolific of late, but even their biggest series to date don’t match up with the excitement that could be coming with Minecraft: Story ModeMinecraft passed 100 million registered accounts in 2014, and as of earlier this year was averaging more than 1 million concurrent players online at a given time. Telltale, you better get it right. A whole lot of us are counting on you.

Episode 1 (of an eventual five) will be released October 13.

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