NEW Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Debuts

The Monday Night Football premiere of the new trailer for The Force Awakens did NOT disappoint!

The highly-anticipated, Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer (FINALLY!) debuted tonight during Monday Night Football at halftime, along with something even more highly anticipated – TICKET SALES!

I got mine for the 2am slot, as midnight was gone in a parsec (let’s save the argument on that being a measurement of distance and not time for later…after all, Han shot first) and I heard minutes after securing mine ticket sites everywhere crashed due to an overwhelming number of fans rustling to their computers to furious click away to be first in line to see what will arguably be the most anticipated film in history. I can already see box-office records being smashed, something in the force tells me so…

Let’s get to right to it!

the force awakens trailer analysis han


Along with all the new faces, our eyes are immediately drawn to the two we know: Han & Leia (and obviously Chewie). The trailer revealed the continuation of the Star Wars we all know and love (I’m talking the original three movies here, people) while bringing a refreshingly new tale to light.

A girl, Rey, who refers to herself as “no one” but comes off as badass, seems to be at the center of this new tale.

The Force Awakens new trailer rey 2


A man, Finn, who struggles with his choice to abandon a past life in search of something better.


A pilot, Poe Dameron, ranges from captive to hunter.

the force awakens new trailer analysis poe dameron


And somewhere in the middle, a group featuring a certain lightsaber-with-a-crossguard-wielding villain who is obsessed with Darth Vader.

the force awakens new trailer analysis knights of ren

Perhaps the most profound moment in so many nostalgic ways was hearing Han Solo, the penultimate Force denier when we first met him, utter the words, “the dark side, the Jedi…they’re real.” My heart officially dropped with those utterly significant words spoken by my favorite, scruffy looking, nerf-herder. If that wasn’t enough? We got this amazing glimpse of Leia and Han.

The Force Awakens trailer han leia


We’re already counting down the hours until we get to see the full movie.

Till then, keep a sharp eye out – we’ll have a full breakdown of the trailer soon.