Nintendo Unveils Their First Mobile Game

And it’s not what we expected.

First mobile game screenshot

I wish they would start showing screenshots in English.

For many months, the Internet has been buzzing with speculation about Nintendo’s partnership with DeNA and how they would venture into the mobile gaming market. Well the wait is finally over, with the Japanese company revealing their first mobile game that will sweep smart devices: Miitomo.

In what seems like more an experimental “getting their feet wet” kind of project. What is most noticeable is that the app at face value looks like a glorified version of the Mii Maker that you can get on your phone. However, Nintendo has thus since stated that this will not be the case. What exactly Miitomo is intended to be is still kind of a mystery, the company gave a statement to clear the air a bit.

…Consumers create and use their own Mii characters to engage friends in a welcoming social environment, answering questions and sharing information to discover more about each other and what they have in common…

Immediately this brings to mind an experience akin to Tomodachi Life. Being able to create your own character and connected with other people is not something Nintendo is exactly unfamiliar with, but this immediately poses the question: how will they do it differently? Only time will tell.

First mobile game inspiration?

The inspiration to the app perhaps?

The app itself has been confirmed to be free-to-play with “attractive” add-ons that you can pay for if you desire. This will definitely upset some consumers, as freemiums are not a popular choice made by developers today (shall I point you to the infamous Plants Vs. Zombies 2). Luckily though, this will be the only freemium in Nintendo’s lineup of games developed with DeNA.

Miitomo is planning on being released in March of 2016. It would have been released earlier, but Nintendo wanted to focus on promoting their holiday lineup primarily before they move on the mobile market. After Miitomo, five more mobile games are being planned for the coming year. Fingers crossed for Mario Kart on Android.

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