Pop Music Mashup 2015 Danthology Trailer Out Now

Daniel Kim is all about that pop music nostalgia trip, and we get to benefit.

pop music mashup 2015 Danthology trailer

One of the best byproducts of the rise of YouTube has been the availability of music videos. Sorry MTV. Now we can all see the music videos we want, when we want.

But that’s led to some other cool things, especially more amateurs remixing and mashing up different songs and music videos. And some of those amateurs aren’t so amateurish. Some of them are pretty professional.

Going on his sixth year of making massive mashups of the best pop music the year has to offer, Daniel Kim is definitely one of those creators. He’s got over 880 thousand subscribers on YouTube, and his yearly pop music mashup videos have collectively scored over 150 MILLION views. In case you missed it, here’s last year’s Pop “Danthology”:

The comparisons to other yearly mashup artists like DJ Earworm are immediate, but listening to Kim’s work reveals a different focus from his most popular competitor.

Take last year, for example. While DJ Earworm’s four minute track featured a mashup of 25 songs, the 2014 Pop Danthology featured a full 66 pop hits. It’s also apparent in listening to the track; where DJ Earworm’s work is looking to make a single, unified song out of the music it’s using, Kim’s Danthologies have distinct sections that flow together, much like different movements of something more symphonic.

Here’s how he explained it:

With Pop Danthology, I try to move along from song to song without changing too much of the original melodies. I do this so that my listeners can easily sing along to my mix and have a deeper nostalgic experience.

Well, it’s spot on. The Danthologies are like a trip back through every hit of the year. And a new one is on the way for 2015! It’ll be here November 10, and in the meantime, here’s a trailer:

In fact, this isn’t the only Danthology coming out this year:

Excited for a big year ahead! Just signed with Collab [a marketing network for new media creators], got engaged, and, for all you music addicts out there, I’m planning to release two Danthologies!  So be on the lookout!

In addition to producing music mashups, Dan is also an emotional and mental health advocate, both on YouTube and on his blog.

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