Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Trailer Released: It’s Jane Austen with a Side of Brains

Does the literary mash-up still have pop culture momentum?

The long-awaited film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is getting closer and closer. Staring Lily James (Cinderella), Sam Riley (Control), Jack Huston (Boardwalk Empire), and lots of other actors with British accents, it’s a project that’s been in development for some time but is finally due in theaters next February the 5th. GEEK ALERT: The Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith also stars with some bonus Lannisters, courtesy of Lena Headey and Charles Dance.

The trailer has the requisite bodices, men on horses, balls (never forget the balls); and, of course, zombie action, girls kicking a** and gore. Looks like it could be fun, but then again everyone said that about Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

When Seth Grahame-Smith’s parody Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (talking about the book this time) was released in 2009, it was part of the revival (or return from the grave, if you will) of the popularity of the zombie genre. Using public domain book titles and mashing them up with all manner of monsters and ninjas was  part of the trend of writing fan fiction using your high school required reading list. But instead of writing an essay for your teacher, you were writing for someone wearing a Comic Con badge.



A film adaptation has been in the works since the release of the book in 2009, and once had Natalie Portman attached to star. The film, now directed by Burr Steers (Igby Goes Down), at various times also had David O. Russell, Mike White and Craig Gillespie attached to direct. Steers co-wrote the script with Russell, who remained on the project as a producer, so there is major indie cred attached, but we’ll have to see whether or not that will translate into good genre or not. For now fingers crossed for a zombie killing good time in 2016.