The Force Awakens Trailer Rumor: Debut On Monday Night Football?

The Force Awakens Trailer rumor is that it will show itself on (of all places) Monday Night Football (and will appear online shortly thereafter).

the force awakens

Rumors have been swirling for a couple weeks that the next trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be released sometime between this Friday the 16th and Monday the 19th. Making Star Wars, which has been on top of every single rumor about the new movie, is now saying the new trailer is almost certainly coming on the 19th and will air during Monday Night Football. There still hasn’t been an official announcement, but Making Star Wars’s Editor-in-Chief Jason Ward says to expect one Monday morning.

With the trailer should come, too, a new, official logo for the film, replacing the stand-in that’s been used till now.


Obviously this is a HUGE deal for anyone even vaguely excited for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. As the first theatrical trailer (meaning one that’s 2-3 minutes long instead of the 60-90 second teaser trailers we’ve had so far), we’re expecting to see a lot of new footage and hints about the story for the new film. In fact, we already made some predictions for what the new trailer might reveal.

Airing a Star Wars trailer alongside Monday Night Football might seem like a weird decision at first (in his original article, Ward joked, “I wish I had better sources on the sports scene but it isn’t my thing.”) but before you judge it’s worth considering just how massive that audience is. People like you and me are going to see the trailer anyways (and many, many times over), but The Force Awakens is aiming for the same kind of mass-market appeal that’s made the Avengers movies so successful. Monday Night Football reaches a LOT of people. This week, for example, the game had more viewers than any other cable show on Monday night, pulling in a bigger audience than the next three shows combined.

So don’t worry – there is some ravenously positive buzz surrounding both the trailer and the movie from hardcore Star Wars fans, and we’ll be there Monday and beyond to help you sort through everything you need to know in the trailer. In the meantime, get excited. THE STAR WARS TRAILER IS ALMOST HERE!!!