Spider-Man Movie To Feature Two Spider-Men? Miles Morales Joining Peter Parker? (RUMOR)

Spider-Man, Spider-Man. Does whatever the other Spider-Man can.

Spider-Man Rumor Two Spider Men

As we all know, Spider-Man is getting rebooted again, but this time in the capable hands of Marvel Studios via a partnership with Sony (who still owns the character’s film rights). It’s slated for a July 28, 2017 release and stars Tom Holland as Peter Parker and Marisa Tomei as Aunt May.

However, a recent interview with director Jon Watts revealed Peter Parker might not be the only web-head swinging around New York.

Prior to the casting of Holland, rumors had been flying that the new Spider-Man movie, in an effort both to differentiate itself from the two previous film franchises and to add needed diversity into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, might center on half-black, half-latino character Miles Morales, who in the comics becomes Spider-Man after Peter Parker. Watts was asked if “there’d been any serious discussions about him [Morales] being the main character”

I can’t talk about that, because, you know, that will reveal too much. We’re still writing the story… we haven’t finished all the way through the story yet, so who knows.

Oooh, cagey.

That sounds pretty vague (and an awful lot like a director saying, “Don’t bug me about the script for a movie two years away”), but why mention Morales if he wasn’t in the plan? And stating that talking about Morales would “reveal too much” does sound a little bit like a “yes, he’s going to be in the film,” at least in some capacity.

So what does this mean for Peter Parker? Could the upcoming Spider-Man flick end in his demise, like in the comic books? Or will the two Spider-Men swing off into the sunset together? It’s definitely something to keep our minds buzzing until we get more information on the upcoming Spidey film.

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