Star Wars: The Force Awakens Poster ANALYZED – Did You Catch These References?

6 questions answered and explained. That’s no moon. It’s a space station.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Poster Easter Eggs

Praise be to the Lucasfilm execs who decided that today was a good time to (finally) give us the poster for Star Wars: The Force Awakens in all of its glory. There is a LOT going on in this poster, and it’s almost as important as what’s not in it. Confused? Stick with us, and we’ll explain all of the Easter eggs.

6. Where is Luke Skywalker?

Yes, this image is fake, but it's still about the best look at Luke we've had.

Yes, this image is fake, but it’s still about the best look at Luke we’ve had.

Maybe the biggest Easter egg is actually the fact that Luke Skywalker is nowhere to be found in the new The Force Awakens poster. This has been maybe the single biggest point of speculation among fans since the first teaser trailer was released, and is sure to be spurred on here.

We know that Mark Hamill is in the movie; in fact, the gets second billing in the credits, just behind Harrison Ford. But the question is, how much of the movie will he be in? A lot of the rumors about the plot involve a missing Luke, with Poe Dameron, Rey, and/or Finn going to look for him. The search for Luke is actually more or less a plot-point fact at this point, and is said to include Max von Sydow’s character as well.

But missing why? There’s a lot to be said about the simple possibility that he’s investigating something he hasn’t told anyone else about, and could reappear suddenly. Luke is the only known Jedi in the galaxy, after all. There are probably a lot of Force-related artifacts and histories he’s concerned with tracking down, more than a few of which that could have put him in some danger. It’s also possible Kylo Ren or his boss, Supreme Leader Snoke (who isn’t pictured in the poster – something we predict will hold true in tomorrow’s trailer as well), have kidnapped Luke and are holding him prisoner somewhere like their secret Starkiller Base. We know the Knights of Ren, or at least Kylo Ren, is very interested in Darth Vader and Vader artifacts. Luke would naturally be someone he’d want to talk to.

We expect Luke to be a major player in The Force Awakens, but it’s looking more and more like his screen time will be very limited.

But speaking of Starkiller Base…

5. What’s that Space Station thing in the upper right?

The Force Awakens Poster Easter Eggs Starkiller Base

Another Death Star with *that* big an opening seems kinda silly

No, we don’t have confirmation that this is the First Order’s Starkiller Base, but it seems like by far the most likely explanation. And what’s that big glowing hole? The most obvious answer would be some sort of super laser like the Death Star had. But that’s not exactly setting the internet aflame with anticipation.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Poster Starkiller Base Reddit 1

Star Wars The Force Awakens Poster Starkiller Base Reddit 2

Star Wars The Force Awakens Poster Starkiller Base Reddit 3

A major theory that’s going around is that this weapon is somehow even more powerful than the Death Star. In fact, most seem to believe that the space station’s capabilities would exactly take after its name – that it could make stars go supernova, effectively wiping out the entire systems that orbit them.

But ok, if the internet isn’t crazy about that answer (and frankly, we’re not either) let’s propose an alternative. What if Starkiller Base is a mobile shipyard, and that giant opening has to be so big because Star Destroyers need to pass through it? The First Order needs to resupply, but they also need to stay hidden. The name “Starkiller Base” could fit with the mission to build Star Destroyers, and we actually see some Star Destroyers with a slightly different profile than we’re used to on the poster:

The Force Awakens Easter Eggs Star Destroyers

It’s hard to tell for sure given the resolution of the image, but it doesn’t look like these Star Destroyers have the trademark shield domes or elevated bridge of the ones from the original trilogy, and the double point at the front of the hull looks unique as well.

Here's one of the old Star Destroyers. See ho high the top part sits? These new ones look much sleeker.

Here’s one of the old Star Destroyers. See how high the top part sits? The new ones in the poster look much sleeker.

4. Is Rey the new Skywalker?

The Force Awakens Easter Eggs Rey Daisy Ridley

This is a question we’ve been trying to answer since well before Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy spilled the beans about who this new trilogy of films would focus on, but after seeing this poster, we’re done playing the field. Never mind the fact that Finn (John Boyega) seems to have the lightsaber Luke lost at Bespin in The Empire Strikes Back, this poster makes it crystal clear that Rey is our #1 protagonist. Why are we so sure? Look back at the poster for the original Star Wars.


All the heroes are there, but front and center is Luke, the hero of that trilogy.

So that makes the question: Is Rey the daughter of Han and Leia or is she Luke’s daughter? And if she’s Luke’s daughter, who’s her mother? Opinion seems to be that she’s Han and Leia’s progeny, but we’re actually banking on the direct Skywalker line from Anakin to Luke to Rey. It also would seem to jive better with the descriptions we’ve seen of Rey and her presence on Jakku – a desert world similar to (her father’s homeworld?) Tatooine.

The other question still to be answered: every time we’ve seen Rey so far, she’s been carrying that staff thing. What is it? And is there a lightsaber in it? We’re going to say no for the time being, with the caveat that a lightsaber sword-staff would be the COOLEST THING EVER!!!

Read on for a look at some villains and who that CGI alien is…