Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Predictions REVIEWED

Can we scrub this from the record, please?

Ohhhh jeez. I’d like to forget these predictions (or lack thereof). Here’s where I really missed the boat, not only in predicting things that weren’t there, but also in failing to predict stuff that was pretty central.

Absentee Jedi

the force awakens new trailer analysis r2d2

“It’s high time the only known Jedi Master in the universe made his grand entry.” Maybe, but that doesn’t mean he’s gonna. These words will haunt me:

Our first look at Luke

I knew I was in trouble as soon as the poster showed no hide nor hair of him. I’m still hopeful he’ll be in a meaningful amount of the movie, but my god, what if he isn’t?

What if Luke died and Mark Hamill’s only part is as a Force ghost?

I was tempted to give myself partial credit now that I’m of the opinion that’s Luke beside R2-D2, but there just isn’t enough evidence yet to back up my theory, and we still didn’t see anything new. Also, I said we might see Finn with Luke, which absolutely didn’t happen.

MISSED COMPLETELY – The Knights of Ren

the force awakens new trailer analysis knights of ren 2

I feel pretty dumb about this one.

When I was making my predictions, especially my predictions about Kylo Ren and his fight with Finn, I referenced a lot of quotes from an interview J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan did with EW. An interview in which they TOLD US HE WAS A MEMBER OF THE KNIGHTS OF REN. Said it right there.

And sure enough, seven samurai dark figures, all with masks reminiscent of Darth Vader’s, show up in the trailer.

Stupid, stupid me.


At least the Knights of Ren are a shadowy organization. At least I didn’t miss something big, really big, some thing planet siz-

Oh wait.

The Force Awakens Poster Easter Eggs Starkiller Base

I did.

I missed the thing that was even in the teaser trailers, if I’d cared to look close enough.

the force awakens trailer predictions starkiller base

I missed saying we’d see more of the planet sized – or maybe planet-entombed – base that’s the headquarters for the Imperial New Order.

the force awakens trailer predictions starkiller base 2

The one with a potential superweapon.

the force awakens new trailer analysis superlaser

I’m dumb.

Ok, all in all, maybe not as bad as I thought. The Skywalker swing and a miss is going to sting for a while, but I feel like I was on the right track for a bunch of things.

Now it’s time for a whole new set of predictions: Plot predictions.

Check back soon to see everything we think will actually happen in the movie, and what order it’s all going down.