The Flash Season 2 Multiverse – Why You Should Be Excited the Universe is Expanding

4 things to look forward to from The Flash Season 2.

Let's dive headfirst into this.

Let’s dive head first into this.

What We Know So Far:

The Flash has already expanded the DC TV universe a great deal by introducing superpowers, an unseen element in Arrow’s first two seasons. Now as The Flash season 2 starts, The Flash is one-upping itself by literally opening the door to infinite possibilities.

The most important event of the show occurred in the midst of the stand off between The Flash and his yellow counterpart Reverse-Flash. A rupture was created in the fabric of space and time (bear with me here), building a bridge to new, alternate universe within the DC canon.

A man calling himself The Flash of another world, Jay Garrick, explains that there are 52 versions of the universe in which everyone we already know exists in some way or another, and (most importantly) that they are now all connected. All of these developments leave The Flash poised to bring a lot of new and exciting things from the comics to the television universe.

So what’s in store for the Flash season 2 multiverse? Here are four likely storylines.

Where’s Wally West?

If this is the guy you know best as The Flash, you're a Wally West fan.

If this is the guy you know best as The Flash, you’re a Wally West fan.

The Flash chose to follow the exploits of Barry Allen, tying it in well to the New 52 rebrand in the comics. But this left a multitude of millennials asking where’s my Flash? Wally West was a fan favorite character as The Flash in the animated Justice League series and, in the comics, has served as a younger (originating as Kid Flash) and more humorous incarnation of The Flash.

In the show’s current time frame, Wally West would be an infant, if he’s been born yet at all, as he is the nephew of Barry’s best friend Iris West (who doesn’t seem to have a sibling in the show’s continuity). But several opportunities are opened up thanks to the introduction of the Multiverse. Wally could easily make his way through the bridge to Earth 1, the show’s dimension. The show has the opportunity to provide an interesting perspective not usually seen in the comics: Wally could become the experienced Flash and serve as a mentor to Barry (the opposite of their traditional roles in the comics).

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The Flash has already made a strong step for inclusivity by making Iris West, traditionally white in the comics, a woman of color. Since Wally is Iris’s nephew, the logical extrapolation would have Wally West also portrayed as a person of color. Having a traditionally white superhero (especially a major one like Wally) recast with a more diverse background would be a major step for DC Comics TV universe, which is slowly taking steps toward more diverse casting. While Wally would only be the secondary Flash in the show’s universe, he is nonetheless a Flash and major superhero in the large context.