The Flash Season 2 Multiverse – Why You Should Be Excited the Universe is Expanding

Mirror Master The Flash

He's not happy the show's left him out this long.

He’s not happy the show’s left him out this long.

As of the start of season 2, all of The Flash’s major comic book villains have shown up except one. Mirror Master, a mantle that was first taken up by Sam Scudder and later Evan McCulloch, uses mirrors to hypnotize people, create holograms, turn invisible, and often trap The Flash in inescapable, puzzle-like mirror rooms. Importantly, Mirror Master can also travel to other dimensions and parallel universes.

The creators of the show confirmed earlier this year at Wonder Con that Mirror Master would appear in season 2. Not only would Mirror Master’s interdimensional ability make him a formidable villain for The Flash, it could serve as a convenient way to shake up the merging of different universes. While “does stuff with mirrors” sounds like a relic of a cheesier time in comics, the DC Television Universe’s signature “gritty” style, ushered in by Arrow, could adapt this odd power into something very dark and unique.

Gorilla City (Seriously?) (Yes.)

One of season one’s highlights was definitely Gorilla Grodd. He was a supervillain on a scale (literally) that has never happened in superhero television (and probably not in most other genres either), and was beautifully rendered in the episode he finally made his appearance – seriously, kudos to The Flash CG team, excellent work.

Speed doesn't necessarily help you when a Gorilla has it's hands around your throat.

Speed doesn’t necessarily help you when a Gorilla has its hands around your throat.

The ape’s portrayal was a sharp departure from his comic book origins, namely that he was not a part of his canonical home, Gorilla City. Gorilla City is exactly what it sounds like: a civilization of highly intelligent, highly advanced, psychic gorillas. (Ok, maybe “Gorilla City” doesn’t immediately conjure the idea of psychics.) While that might sound like an outlandish scenario to depict, it could actually offer more opportunity for The Flash to face Grodd again and provide a unique backdrop to give Grodd more characterization.

See, in the comics, Grodd’s main ambition is to take over Gorilla City. Based on his last appearance, we know Grodd is connected to (if not somehow controlled by) Eobard Thawne, so it would make sense that the ape could take part in Zoom’s interdimensional takeover. While it’s apparent that there is no city of gorillas in the show’s main universe, one could easily exist in an alternate world. The show could connect their version of Grodd to his history by having him discover and conquer the alternate universe version of Gorilla City.

A warm welcome to Gorilla City.

A warm welcome to Gorilla City.

The obvious downside to Gorilla City’s potential existence is the hulking (wrong comic book pun intended) CG cost it would likely incur, and so far Grodd has mostly appeared in shadows to cushion his visual development cost. In spite of all that, here’s hoping Gorilla City sees the light of day.