The Flash Season 2 Multiverse – Why You Should Be Excited the Universe is Expanding


The Flash is stuck in reverse.

The Flash is stuck in reverse.

A major comic story in recent years was the Flashpoint event, which revolved around Barry Allen finding himself lost in a universe in which he has no power and never became The Flash. This storyline was significantly hinted at throughout the first season, beginning with a newspaper headline from the future in an early episode claiming, “The Flash Vanishes in a Crisis.”

While there are many “Crises” in DC Comics (it’s essentially just what they call any big story or event), Flashpoint stood out since it not only revolved around the Flash, but also Professor Zoom/Reverse-Flash. Zoom is currently looming on the periphery as a major villain, so it’s a logical assumption that something akin to Flashpoint will come to be. Plus, in the same Wonder Con interview, The Flash’s creators confirmed that Flashpoint was indeed coming to the small screen.

Maybe it’s just a REALLY late April fools joke?

The universe Barry finds himself lost in during Flashpoint is also one in which his mother never died. Her death was a major motif of the first season, meaning it would fit perfectly in the series’ current trajectory. The story also features unique versions of all the characters currently on the TV series, leaving the potential to play with characterization, especially who is a good guy and who is a villain.

But, there is one major flaw comic book fans may see in adapting Flashpoint – Batman is a major character. Batman is strictly a Cinematic Universe property, it seems, so it’s highly unlikely he’ll show up. But there is a silver lining. There is another brooding, dark, super-powerless hero waiting in the wings – one who’s always interested in nosing in on The Flash’s business. Yes, Green Arrow could easily fill the role of Batman in the impending Flashpoint adaptation. This would be a superb opportunity to make a crossover between The Flash and Arrow (and probably even Legends of Tomorrow).

What This All Means:

With Season 2 continuing at full Speed Force, it’s safe to say we, as viewers, will be in for a treat no matter where it leads. Mirror Master and Flashpoint have been confirmed, meaning no matter what the future of The Flash holds it will be incredibly thrilling. With the opening of the Multiverse, CW can now tap into the entirety of the DC Comics universe. I would say the sky’s the limit, but where The Flash is involved, the multiverse leaves no limits in sight.