Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer ANALYSIS – All the Easter Eggs [VIDEO]

Poe Dameron

the force awakens new trailer analysis poe xwing

If there’s any of the main characters who really get the short shrift in this trailer, it’s Poe Dameron. Yeah, Captain Phasma isn’t in it much (though she gets this awesome shot), but Poe is supposed to be the third part of our new hero trio. And where do we see him? Caught in the grips of Kylo Ren (see above) or flying an X-wing in a pitched battle. Those are both pretty important things!

So even though we haven’t seen a lot of Poe, I think the trailer’s holding something back. Even though Oscar Isaac hasn’t exactly hit it big in the mainstream, he’s been absolutely killing it in the indie scene. You don’t waste that talent on a bit part.

But as I talked about when I was predicting what was to come in this trailer, Poe’s place is in the cockpit of an X-Wing fighter. And there are two spots he’s likely to play a big role.

the force awakens new trailer analysis xwing

The first is in this fight, which is where the X-Wings skimming the water in the earlier trailers were going to. You can see them in the distance here:

the force awakens new trailer analysis squadron incoming

The second place Poe figures to show up big as a hotshot pilot is on the snowy planet we can see, which might also be the surface of Starkiller Base.

If Prometheus taught us anything, it's that straight lines don't happen in nature.

If Prometheus taught us anything, it’s that straight lines don’t happen in nature.

There are a lot of rumors that Starkiller Base is actually built into a planet. That sounds like a lot more trouble than just building a space station, but hey, this would certainly seem to support those theories. Question is, how do you stick engines on a planet so the base can fly around (as it presumably does to go planet hunting with its presumed superlaser)? But then again, I guess if you can do it on a space station, you can do it on a planet.

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