Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer ANALYSIS – All the Easter Eggs [VIDEO]

Everything and Everyone Else

Rapid fire, here are the other bits from the trailer that are worth an extra look, and why they might be significant:

the force awakens new trailer analysis chewie

We get one look at Chewbacca in this trailer, and this is it. Couple things to point out: first, it appears that the trio of Finn, Han, and Chewie have just been rescued (their hands being held over their heads); second, Chewie has a bandage on his right arm. Gotta be hard pulling of Band-Aids with all that fur.

the force awakens new trailer analysis shuttle

It’s a little hard to see with all the swirling embers, but this is an updated version of the same style shuttle the Emperor and Darth Vader used in the original films. The shot after this is the one of Captain Phasma, so this could be her shuttle. Other possibilities include Kylo Ren and General Hux, who we still have yet to see beyond a set photo.

the force awakens new trailer analysis tie chase

Here’s something else that has made it into every trailer so far: TIE fighters chasing the Millennium Falcon past (and through) the wreckage of old Star Destroyers. Expect this to be one of the first big action set pieces of the movie, as it seems Han needs to catch up with Rey and Finn by the end of the first act of the movie.

the force awakens new trailer analysis r2d2

And finally, this reused shot from the teaser trailer. Reused, but thrown into entirely new context. R2-D2 has been completely absent everywhere else. We know both R2 and C-3PO are Luke’s droids, but R2 has always been the one Luke’s had a more personal relationship with. C-3PO might go help Leia with diplomacy, but R2 is likely to stay by Luke’s side. Couple that with the robot hand, and I’m reversing myself – I now believe this is Luke Skywalker. The question as ever, though, is what’s he up to and why can’t anyone seem to find him?

We’ll definitely have more as we continue to dig into this trailer; in the meantime, is there anything we missed that you thought was a bit deal? Anything you want to see us break down? Let us know in the comments!




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