The Force Awakens Plot Prediction – Here’s What Will (Maybe) Happen in the Newest Star Wars Movie

As with all predictions, this is sure to come back and bite me when December 18th rolls around.

the force awakens plot predictions han chewie finn captured

This is Han giving me his, “WTF were you thinking?!?” face.

Ok, it’s time for some new Star Wars predictions. This time, it’s The Force Awakens plot predictions we’re after.

With three trailers and a poster under our belt, not to mention about a million rumors about where Luke Skywalker is and what he’s up to, we’re unlikely to be much better prepared than we are now. So without further ado, here’s the plot of Star Wars: The Force Awakens…or at least one version of what it maybe, possibly, at one time might have looked something like.

Getting to Jakku

If there’s one thing that seems pretty certain it’s that Jakku (the desert planet) will be main location for the first act of the movie, like Tatooine, Hoth, and Tatooine again in the original trilogy.

But Star Wars movies also always start in space, even if it’s little more than a probe droid being shot off from a Star Destroyer.

In this case, there’s some evidence that The Force Awakens could actually follow more in the footsteps of A New Hope, with a few full scenes and some key action taking place before we even get to the first act planet. There it was Darth Vader running down Princess Leia’s shuttle; here, it’s possible we’ll start with the interrogation of Poe Dameron.

Poe Will Be Captured Before The Movie Starts

This is why plot predictions are so tricky: we know that Poe gets captured from video evidence in both the new trailer and the Comic-Con footage, but there are essentially two possibilities for when in the movie that happens. One is that he’s shot down on the planetary mission that first showed up in the first teaser trailer and has been featured in all three.

But whether it’s this fight or not, we do know that at some point he gets rescued. Or at least, we strongly suspect it because BB-8, who belongs to Poe, is in an X-Wing at the fight over the snowy planet, which we presume is near the end of the movie.

the force awwakens plot prediction bb-8

That means somewhere in our plot we have to include Poe’s rescue from the hands of the Imperial New Order, something that would seem to be a HUGE deal plot-wise. So we’re going with option two, which is that Poe isn’t captured during the movie, he’s captured right before it starts. That might even be part of the film’s opening crawl. Early in the movie, then, Poe is tortured by Kylo Ren for information on the whereabouts of Luke Skywalker – the crawl will include the fact that Poe was on Jakku looking for info on the whereabouts of Luke, an old family friend.

So as we start the movie, Poe is Kylo Ren’s prisoner, and Kylo Ren is hellbent on catching Luke. We’ll get back to Poe in a minute.

Finn Is Still A Stormtrooper When the Movie Starts, but Not For Long

There’s a wide assumption that Finn will begin The Force Awakens ready to defect from the New Order, but I submit to you there will be some major action first, and it’s going to be what cements Finn’s decision to leave at all costs. Check this image out from the latest trailer:

the force awakens plot predictions finn bloody

That’s Finn underneath the helmet, but check out the streaks of blood all over! Also, check out the lights behind him. They’re easier to see when he takes his helmet off, and this looks an awful lot like the ship in which stormtroopers were standing ready in the very first teaser trailer. Here’s the two side by side:

the force awakens plot predictions stormtrooper lights

And here are what appear to be those same stormtroopers entering a battle we see an awful lot of in the newest trailer (check out the orange lights inside the ship vs. the orange lights on the edge of the pic with Finn above).

the force awakens plot predictions stormtroopers

This seems to all be part of some local quelling of dissent – or maybe even an assault on a certain Jedi master’s hiding place? Max von Sydow is said to be playing a Jakku village elder who knows something about where Luke is. That would explain the scorched earth tactics to get to him.

Anyways, not only does Finn take part in this assault, but he’ll see firsthand what Kylo Ren, Captain Phasma, and maybe even the other Knights of Ren are willing to do, which seems to include burning uncooperative villagers’ homes and perhaps summarily executing those who aren’t cooperative. He’s appalled by it, and he makes the decision to defect.

Finn Saves Poe

Remember this leather jacket with its red shoulder patch. This will be important.

Remember this leather jacket with its red shoulder patch. This will be important.

Whether it’s borne from a legitimate desire to help the New Republic, a simple “eff you” to his former Imperial masters, or just convenient cover for his escape, Finn and Poe are going to have to work together to get off the Star Destroyer and down to Jakku. For starters, I say this is a still-in-disguise Finn escorting Poe through the ship (a nice callback to Han and Luke’s cover when trying to save Princess Leia on the Death Star in A New Hope). One stormtrooper escorting a prisoner? And almost running through the hallways like they are? I don’t buy it.

Plus, we get all of these shots:

the force awakens plot predictions tie fighter

From the second trailer, a TIE fighter shooting its way out of a Star Destroyer’s hanger.

the force awakens plot predictions tie explosion

From the third trailer, this near-miss of a proton torpedo that still leaves a TIE fighter crippled and spinning out of control.

the force awakens plot predictions finn trooper

From the first trailer, a frantic Finn on Jakku and still in Stormtrooper armor.

Hooray, we’ve made it to Jakku!

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty more plot mysteries to solve. Next: We meet Rey.