UPDATED WITH VIDEO – Brock Baker Makes the Swedish Chef Sing Sia’s “Chandelier”

Now there’s a video. Because your day didn’t have enough Muppets/Sia mashups.

swedish chef


Looks like we jumped the gun just a hair. Brock Baker did indeed make a parody music video to go with his recording. Check it out, it’s amazing:


The Muppets have never been far away from pop culture, especially with their last couple big screen outings. Plus, they have that new TV show that started just a few weeks ago.

So maybe it actually makes perfect sense that impressionist and YouTuber Brock Baker would go make a recording of the Swedish Chef singing Sia’s hit song “Chandelier.”

Now if only someone would replicate the music video with Muppets, too. No, really. Please someone make that happen, and then share it with us. We want to see it.