The Walking Dead Episode Breakdown – Season 6 Episode 3 “Thank You”

Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep (Especially with a Sharpie)

Michonne loves kicking zombie a**, and doomed romances.

I will cut you if you make fun of me for loving doomed romance, hope, and Ryan Gosling.

Michonne and Glenn are left in charge of leading the random Alexandrians back home, but first, they have to outrun the herd. Things are immediately off to a bad start when one lady twists her ankle, some guy in a floppy shirt panics and shoots another guy in the leg, and another guy gets bitten on the back.

Michonne proves to be a sucker for a good romantic story, as Bite Guy tells her about how he met his wife, but the bit seems mostly there to parallel Michonne’s journey and her friendship with Rick. Michonne, it seems, recognizes this, but we all know that Rick is preoccupied with bland neighbor Jessie next door, so he probably won’t realize he really likes Michonne until the big school dance. Michonne does everything she can to get Bite Guy back to say goodbye to his wife, but you can’t ever make promises in the zombie apocalypse, and she is forced to watch Bite Guy gruesomely die as his letter to his wife is trampled.

The funny thing about Rick’s increasingly alien behavior is that he’s still right about things more often than not. However much of a pragmatist Michonne is, she still wants to at least try and save people. It’s becoming slightly irritating how much the show continues to reinforce Rick’s point of view, which I’ve said before isn’t necessarily wrong, but there is more nuance to Michonne’s point of view, which is harsh and realistic but also still has some compassion to it.