The Walking Dead Episode Breakdown – Season 6 Episode 3 “Thank You”

Worst “Thank You” Ever!

Should've called in sick today!

Should’ve called in sick today!

Well, as much as I’d love to put it off, we’ve got to talk about Glenn.  In one of the most emotional and heart-wrenching scenes of the show’s entire run, we had to say goodbye to a fan favorite who died in the cruelest way possible. Nobody wanted Glenn to die. If he was going to die, we wanted to watch him go out swinging, and not because a guy with PTSD couldn’t hack it.

The theme of tonight’s episode, and it seems, the season as a whole, is about whether or not people can and should be saved. Nicholas was a coward who tried to cover up his cowardice by trying to kill Glenn last season. Glenn let him live, but objected when Nicholas volunteered to go on this mission (which is why we go with our gut). Nicholas’s heart was in the right place; he was grateful that Glenn spared his life and wanted to prove that he could be a good man. However, after everything that had happened, it was no surprise that Nicholas was suffering from PTSD, and it flared up at absolutely the worst possible time.

Rick went through it post-Lori, but Nicholas didn’t have the support system and star billing that Rick had, so when he and Glenn were surrounded, he slipped into a fugue state, thanked Glenn for his kindness and shot himself. Would Glenn and Nicholas have survived? Probably not. They were cornered by hundreds of walkers in a dead end alley, and were standing on a dumpster — the Vegas odds weren’t good. But this was Glenn we are talking about; the scrappy kid that Rick found outrunning walkers on the streets of Atlanta. He could have leapt onto the chain link fence and gotten away, right?

We’ll never know because Glenn falls with Nicholas’s body into the hungry horde. We watched Glenn scream as the walkers fed on entrails (his presumably). Should Glenn have saved Nicholas? Many of us would say a pretty emphatic NO, but that was one of the things that we loved about that character, he was tough and killed when he had to, but was still a good person that believed in second chances. More and more though, the show is telling us that this is a liability, and that to survive you have to go the full-Rick or die.

Glenn told Michonne at the episode’s halfway point that he had to get home, but he wouldn’t leave these people behind. Again, I think that Maggie is pregnant and that was the reason that Glenn so desperately wanted to return to his wife. How will Maggie react to Glenn’s death? Not well I imagine, which could pit her against Rick in the future.

The AV Club has a theory that Glenn isn’t dead. I’d like to believe it but that was a whole lot of walkers. Does anyone have Melisandre on speed dial? We need to get the Lord of Light on Glenn’s case ASAP.