The Walking Dead Episode Breakdown – Season 6 Episode 3 “Thank You”

Brains to Chew On (a.k.a Lingering Questions)

Trick or Treat?

Trick or Treat?

What is going on with Daryl this season? It seems like in small ways he is beginning to quietly defy Rick’s orders. While it is in character for Daryl to want to rush back and help his friends back in Alexandria, it doesn’t make sense that he would abandon Abraham and Sasha on the road. Yes, those two can handle themselves, but it was reckless and dangerous for Daryl to leave with an “I trust you guys.”

So far, we’ve spent the first three episodes of the season focused on the Wolves attack. With a special 90-minute episode next week that looks to have a heavy emphasis on Morgan, will we see this storyline (or at least this day) wrap up, or are these first eight episodes going to focus solely on the zombie herd and the Wolves (who are totally coming back, right?)

Rick is in a pickle with the RV, so who is going to come and rescue him now that Daryl has returned to Abraham and Sasha’s caravan? It seems too soon to start introducing characters from the Hilltop Colony (and not just because we’re still getting to know new characters like Heath and Denise Cloyd). Maybe it will be Morgan to the rescue again next week? Bros for life.

Is anyone else finding it ridiculous how bad the Alexandrians are at life? We get it, Rick and crew are more experienced and awesome at everything but there’s no real drama if they are basically having to protect a group of people who are probably still eating Elmer’s glue during art class. Deanna is the only one of these people with any real brains, and she’s checked out. If there is going to be a real threat to Rick’s authority and leadership, it can’t just be from his group, it has to be from someone credible within the Alexandria community (Heath, perhaps).