The Walking Dead Episode Breakdown – Season 6 Episode 3 “Thank You”

As the crew scrambles to keep the zombie herd away from the Safety Zone, one beloved character loses his life on this week’s The Walking Dead.

Solid decision picking the guy with crazy eyes to lead. That always turns out so well.

I picked the wrong week to stop drinking (and being a coward)

It’s week three of the new season of The Walking Dead, and we’re back with Rick and his zombie rustlers. Everything is going wrong. Alexandria is under attack, the zombie herd headed back to Alexandria, and our crew is scrambling to figure out how to save things. The episode will only get worse, and feel free to shake your fists at the show and Scott M. Gimple for killing off a fan favorite, who really deserved a better fate.

There is a lot to process, so break out your box of Kleenex for this The Walking Dead episode breadown of “Thank You.”

Rick Doesn’t Relay Race Well With Others

"All by myself, just want to be, all by myself." Sing it with me! Oh wait, that's right, I ditched everyone.

Rick’s go-to karaoke tune is “All By Myself.” He loves him some Celine.

We’ve seen Rick becoming more and more isolated over the past few seasons, and that’s no surprise after all of the things he’s seen and been through. However, we’ve also seen him become more ruthless and willing to let people die.

Now, in the world where our characters exist, we’ve learned that saving people isn’t always an option. This theme is driven home repeatedly in this episode. Heath, who we met in the season premiere, overhears Rick’s newest master plan: Rick will go in search of an RV to divert the zombies with, and Michonne and Glenn will lead the remaining zombie cowboys back to Alexandria – and to leave the inevitable losses behind (the part that Heath is concerned about). Of course, Rick basically means leaving behind the Alexandrians that falter, because each week we learn more about how they are useless to an almost comical degree. These people are walking Darwin Awards.

There are some complaints about Rick from a random guy that we’ve never seen before, but apparently if you don’t like Rick, there is a walker waiting to take you out. Also, it’s not the time to start a mutiny when you are under attack from the undead. I mean, common sense, people!

Rick’s obvious disdain for the people of Alexandria actually left me wondering how much he actually meant in his little speech near the end of the episode about helping Alexandria – as in the people who have been living there – by leading the walkers away. He does have an emotional moment when he can’t reach Glenn on the walkie, so the old Rick may still in there, but is he trying to save Alexandria for everyone or just for his people?

His speech does convince Daryl, but Rick was attacked by Wolves (were they part of the group that Morgan let go?) and now his RV won’t start. Whoops. Inspiring speech, but poor timing there, Grimes.

Will Rick’s decision to go things alone be what starts to break his group apart? Already there are others that disagree with his leadership (like, Heath) but how long before his friends begin turning on him especially in the wake of what happened to Glenn?