Top 10 Scariest YouTube Videos

What’s Halloween without some killer scares?

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Happy Halloween! Would you rather spend a night in watching horrifying YouTube videos than stealing the leftover candy from your neighbors’ doorsteps? Well then, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s countdown the top 10 scariest YouTube videos. Beware. It gets freaky.

10. Lance210’s Elevator Prank

If I came across this elevator, I wouldn’t get in.

9. Ghost Adventures’ Flying Brick

Taken from the 2004 documentary, this is probably the scariest moment in the entire film.

8. “Luna”

Full moons bring out the worst.

7. Hallowmemes: Going Down

Allow us to shamelessly self promote one of our more creepy videos.

6. Behind Closed Doors

The monsters hiding in your closet may be different than you thought…

5. BlackBoxTV’s Cab Ride Prank

Word of the wise: don’t take cab rides from werewolves.

4. “Night Night Nancy”

Good morning texts from the boo could lead to… BOO! (Please pardon the horrible pun.)

3. “Skypemare”

Nothing good can come from Skyping someone who’s alone on Halloween.

2. “Alexia” by Andres Borghi

The night after I watched this, I couldn’t fall asleep. Just saying.

1. Bryan Silva

For me, this is by far the scariest. How is that people like this exist? I shudder every time I hear… gratata.

Which video was the scariest? Tell us in the comments!