Ultron Hilariously REDUBBED by James Spader’s Crazy Boss Character from The Office in ULTRON CALIFORNIA

Robert California might have been the best part of the later seasons of The Office. But Ultron California asks, what if he were also part of Avengers: Age of Ultron?

ultron california

I wonder if Dwight is still up for Assistant TO THE Regional Manager… of Death.

Okay, so even Marvel admits that Avengers: Age of Ultron wasn’t perfect. It WAS, however, still a lot of fun and love it or hate it, James Spader’s voice-over work as the superintelligent, superinsane, and superquippy, Ultron is unforgettable. James Spader’s natural speaking voice is so ridiculously unsettling that Joss Whedon went out on a limb and decided to just leave it, almost completely unaltered, as the titular villain’s voice, albeit with a tiny hint of electrical buzz. I think he wasn’t entirely wrong to do so because, as fans of The Office know, not even Ultron would out-evil the terrifying Dunder Mifflin boss that took over for Michael Scott, ROBERT CALIFORNIA.

ultron california inspiration Robert California

Ultron’s ultimate form.

Did you know that James Spader’s appearance was supposed to be just a one-episode cameo? The character was so powerful, he willed them into making him the choice to permanently fill in as the Dunder-Mifflin branch manager. Of course, like Ultron, California’s brilliance resulted in him torturing the employees of Dunder-Mifflin in some sort of ridiculous mind game that we can’t even begin to put together.

Cue: Red Letter Media, releasing Ultron California to point out just how similar the characters of Robert California and Ultron. Ultron California ends up being a perfect mash-up of the two worlds and delivering one of the best Avengers: Age of Ultron parodies yet. Sure, the exact content of the monologues and diatribes shifts a bit… Instead of waxing poetic about the weaknesses of mankind and puppet metaphors, Ultron California can’t stand the Black-Eyed Peas. He also has a lot of issues with his own sexuality to work out. That aside, the cadence, the self-importance, the gravitas, it’s all still there. And it’s just as unsettling.

The best argument for maybe preferring Ultron California to the original version of Ultron comes when Thor shouts “Is that the best you can do?” In the film, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ultron responds with this 2 out of 5 stars comeback: “This is the best I can do. This is what I’ve been waiting for.” But the Ultron California response ACTUALLY puts Thor in his place with some extraordinary, Robert California style, smackdown. Laughing, he replies, “Extraordinary… Did you plan this? You’re better than this. Everyone is better than this. Because this is the worst thing I have ever seen.” 5 out of 5 stars on that one. It’s exactly what made Robert California such a threat on The Office. With just a few words, or maybe just a haiku, the guy could put you inside your head and question every choice you’ve ever made in life. Here’s hoping the inevitable Ultron return features a lot more Ultron California.