The Walking Dead Negan – 5 VILLAINS That NEED To Happen Already

In the comic version of  The Walking Dead Negan and the Saviors change everything. They’re coming, but there are a bunch of OTHER villains that we also can’t wait to show up and menace our main characters.


He’s so happy! (…to be murdering people with a barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat.)

The internet went wild when it was announced that Negan, leader of the Saviors and arguably the most terrifying antagonist in the Walking Dead’s graphic novels, would make his appearance in Season Six. Before you get too excited though, we’ve learned that he won’t make his appearance till the end of the season, so in 2016. Boo, show!

While we wait though, we get to speculate on who is going to play this larger-than-life character. At first, when Xander Berkeley’s casting was announced, everyone assumed that he would be playing Negan. After all, he frequently plays villains on TV.

But now it seems that isn’t the case. There have been rumors that Jon Hamm might take on the role. An interesting choice, but can the former Don Draper pull of the psychopathic Negan, who wields a barbed wire baseball bat named Lucille? Jon Hamm may be too high profile for the show, which frequently casts recognizable but not necessarily big names (see David Morrissey as The Governor).

5. Why We Need Negan

In simplest terms, Negan is like a hulked up version of The Governor. Think more psychopath with a bit of cult leader thrown in. Negan is charismatic, brutal and foul-mouthed. The female members of the Saviors act as sister wives to Negan who is revered as royalty or a God by his people. The whole sister wife thing causes trouble with one of Negan’s main lieutenants, Dwight (another character to pay attention to), who loses his wife to Negan’s harem, and this makes him an unlikely ally to Rick down the line. Oh yeah, and Negan is weirdly obsessed with Carl. I know, right? Maybe he appreciates the oversized hat game.

Anyway, Negan is coming. We just have to wait, but until then here’s who we have to look forward to when it comes to acts of villainy.